beauty tips for face : Eva Longoria’s beauty secrets

beauty tips for face : Eva Longoria’s beauty secrets
beauty tips for face : Eva Longoria’s beauty secrets

Eva Longoria is the narcissist Gabrielle Solis of Desperate Housewives. But far from being desperate, the actress at the top of her meter 57 is also a happily married woman, an emeritus businesswoman (she owns a restaurant in Los Angeles), and the head of L’Oréal Paris and Magnum ice cream. With so many successes, it is not surprising that the young woman is so radiant. But, successful professional and personal life is not the only beauty secrets of the star. Discover how Madame Parker maintains her glamorous capital day today!

To be beautiful, rich and famous is not to be improvised. Eva Longoria says she suffered from complexities in her youth, particularly because of her skin color. I am the only one in my family who is dull, with dark eyes and dark hair”. Jokes and jokes were common in the youth of the actress who even thought for a moment that she had been adopted!

But over the years, the beauty has come to realize her beauty potential. The one who was once a model was spotted by the soap producers “The Young and the Restless” before being engaged on Desperate Housewives. We know the rest of the fairy tale.

Eva Longoria’s beauty secrets

As the youngest of a family of 4 girls, we can imagine that beauty and makeup no longer have secrets for Eva Longoria, who admits to “stealing her sisters’ makeup to hide her makeup” when she was a child. And with her face, the actress quickly seduced L’Oréal Paris for whom she has been ambassador since 2005. As a real mascara addict, Eva Longoria says she could not live without it. And in her fetish beauty products, we find a mascara… L’Oréal, inevitably!” I can’t live without Double Extension mascara, I love the way it thickens my eyelashes and black is my favorite color,” she explains. The one who already has matte skin confides to use from time to time when its mine is a bit down ” the Micro-Brume Automatic Face Sublime Bronze”. It allows her to revive the radiance of her complexion.

As a true girly star, Eva loves glitter and always chooses the brightest gloss. And to nourish her skin constantly attacked by makeup and lights on the set, the star devotes a real cult to the Cream of the Sea. “I found nothing better. Ever since I tried it, I’ve been faithful to it.”

Tips form Eva Longoria

With its size 34, Eva Longoria could make envious. But it must be remembered that the actress is only 5 feet tall and, like many Hollywood stars, she is still forced to live a certain rigor in her lifestyle. I train a lot,” she says because the beauty has a coach who visits her five times a week and she “eats well”. And yes, there are no miracles, when you love good food and own a restaurant in Los Angeles), you have to be careful what you eat if you want to keep the line.

Fashion according to Eva Longoria

If in the series that made her an international star, Eva Longoria is a former materialistic model who cannot leave without being dressed from head to toe; in real life, the one who is also a model, admits to preferring the classic “jeans/t-shirt/sneakers”. However, a red carpet and a few photographers are enough to transform the basketball fan into a radiant woman who slips into the most beautiful designer dresses, among which one finds Elie Saab.
But, from the top of its meter 57, the beautiful Longoria is a small jig that needs high heels to throw off its small silhouette. Soon the Red Carpet, to gain in height, the 12 cm is of rigor!

Always ultra lookée Eva Longoria admits in all honesty that it is not so difficult to be so glamorous when you are a star: “It requires a complete team, almost a village! You know, in real life, I’m very simple, but when I have photo ops or come to Cannes, I have hairdressers, makeup artists, press officers… And since I’m a girl, I love it all: wearing dresses, heels, makeup.”

And to get dressed, Miss Longoria doesn’t really do compulsive shopping trips like her character Gabrielle Solis, in Desperate Housewives: “I just put what people give me. My stylist tells me to wear something and I wear it. I don’t pay too much attention to fashion. I prefer the comfortable side.”

We make her up, we tell her what to wear and we even offer her clothes. There is nothing to say, it is a hard life as an artist!

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