Beauty tips : 3 infallible techniques to apply your highlighter

Beauty tips : 3 infallible techniques to apply your highlighter
Beauty tips : 3 infallible techniques to apply your highlighter

Promised, applying highlighter is not so complicated! Here are 3 easy techniques to become the Glow Queen effortlessly.

Where to apply your highlighter?

The first question you probably ask yourself is, where do you put the highlighter on your face? Basically, the highlighter is used to highlight the areas of your face where the light is shining.
Often, it is applied to the bone of the cheekbones, on the brow arch, on the ridge of the nose, and even on the top of the lips (the Cupid arch) to give them a pulpy appearance.
But like any makeup, what suits others doesn’t necessarily suit you!
Some people put it on the forehead or on the chin, but if you think they don’t deserve that much light, that’s your right. So the idea is to draw attention to the areas of your face that you like.
Now that the basics are laid, let’s tackle the different techniques to apply his highlighter.

Applying your highlighter with a brush: the basic technique

The first application technique of the highlighter is simply to use a brush.
This technique is particularly suitable for powdered highlighters since the brush hair will grip the material more easily than a sponge, for example.
There are different types of brushes depending on the desired effect.
The fan brushes allow a very precise and rather intense application at the top of the cheekbones and on the edge of the nose.
If you are from the «Glow light» team, you can use a «finishing» brush that looks like a blurring brush for the eyes, but in a little bigger.
It gives a more diffuse and more natural rendering but also allows to obtain intensity without a problem.

Sponge your highlighter for a natural finish

Using a sponge to apply your highlighter is a second technique that is a little less common but works just as well as the brush.
However, it is more suitable for creamy and liquid textures, and it allows the highlighter to “melt” into the skin.
To do this, just moisten a sponge like Beauty Blender’s, take a little product and pat it on the spot where you want to bring the light.
Note that the sponge is also very practical to blend any type of highlighter, even after a brush application.
Applying your highlighter to your finger: the ultimate infallible technique!
Were you expecting a magic instrument to apply his highlighter? That Nenni! Your little fingers can also be your best friends.
The advantage of this technique is that it works as well with powdered highlighters as with liquids, or even jelly, I know!
The idea is that the warmth of your skin will help integrate the illuminator into your foundation very quickly and easily.
As for the sponge, just take a little highlighter and apply it by tapping with your finger.
Be careful however not to tap on an area too wide to keep a targeted and intense application. You can certainly add to that afterward if the highlighter isn’t visionary enough for you.
Of course, don’t hesitate to combine these different techniques by applying a little liquid highlighter to the sponge, then intensifying it with a brush with a powder highlighter.

Try what’s best for you!

I hope this article has enlightened you a little!

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