Daily skin care : 10 reflexes to take care of your skin every day

Daily skin care: 10 reflexes to take care of your skin every day
Daily skin care: 10 reflexes to take care of your skin every day

To take care of your skin and have a radiant complexion all year round, certain actions are essential. Whatever the nature of your skin, here are the 10 essential reflexes!

Rule 1: To each skin type its care

To take care of your skin and respect its nature, be sure to first choose products adapted to your skin type. Dry skin does not have the same needs as oily skin.

Rule 2: Particular attention to fragile areas

Some parts of your face (eye contour, lips, etc.) have particularly thin and fragile skin. They require specific care, especially for the eye contour or the lips. These areas of your face are more sensitive and deserve special attention.

Rule 3: A very gentle cleaning

The care of your sensitive skin begins as soon as the makeup is removed. To avoid attacking your skin and respecting its balance, be sure to use a physiological make-up remover, specially formulated to take care of your skin gently.

Rule 4: Eyes, an area at risk

The contour of the eye has a skin ten times thinner than the rest of the face. For its makeup removal, choose a specific routine.

Rule 5: Essential exfoliation

Once or twice a week, also consider using a suitable scrub. This scrub should be both effective while being gentle and respectful. So choose a physiological scrub, perfect to smooth and purify the skin while respecting its balance.

Rule 6: The main part hydration

The dermis is 70% water and the epidermis 15%. To maintain a good hydration level, it is therefore important to opt for daily moisturizing treatments that balance the water level in the heart of the skin. You can also use a moisturizing mask regularly, by removing the excess using a thermal water mist.

Rule 7: Hypoallergenic makeup, preferably

To avoid the risk of allergies associated with using products that are not adapted to your skin, choose a hypoallergenic make-up specially formulated to meet the requirements of all skin and all eyes, even sensitive.

Rule 8: Park in the sun

Whatever the season, choose daily treatments incorporating solar filtration. They help to mitigate the harmful effects of the sun, a skin aging accelerator.

Rule 9: Attention to external aggression

Pollution, tobacco, stress… All of them have harmful effects on your skin. Think about these daily aggressions by protecting your skin with the care before going out, and scrubbing it perfectly at night when coming home.

Rule 10: Lips, not to be neglected!

Whenever you feel the need, use a lip cream. Do not hesitate to renew the application as often as necessary, on this particularly fragile area.

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