Afro hair: 5 tips for a quality “wash day”

Afro hair: 5 tips for a quality "wash day"
Afro hair: 5 tips for a quality "wash day"

The “wash day” is the day we spend treating her afro hair. Women with frizzy curly hair indeed agree on one point: having healthy hair takes time. Here are five tips to make your “wash day” a pampering moment, not a chore.

# 1 Keep your nail kit at your fingertips

Nothing to do with the hair? If, because your nails split and / or have sharp angles, chances are that your hair gets stuck and your scalp has a bad time.

# 2 Use 2-in-1 products like powders

Whether they come from India or the Maghreb, the powders no longer have to prove themselves. Some, such as rhassoul, amla or shikakai, deeply cleanse in addition to accelerate growth and bring volume and softness. By using them, your pre-poo (French pre-shampoo treatment), essential in any wash day worthy of the name, is also transformed into a shampoo.

# 3 Invest in a heated hat

When applying a hair care product, warming your scalp facilitates the absorption of products and increases the benefits. To do this, in general, the nappies cover their hair with several layers of cellophane. But for the heating is faster and more ecological, consider using a heating cap that will also allow you to keep your care less time.

# 4 Take the time to massage the scalp

You will understand, one of the big stars of this wash day is the scalp. The massage stimulates the blood flow, and therefore the shoot. It can obviously consist of a series of circular movements made from the ends of the phalanges (and not with the nails). But, for a massage of compet ‘, opt instead for a vibrating brush, that you will let act five minutes on the skull.

# 5 Healing the last rinse

Rinsing the last care is almost as important as the wash day itself, as it determines the final look of the hair. To enhance the effects of this day, think of adding to the last rinse of cider vinegar, beneficial for both the hair (it makes it soft and shiny) and the scalp (goodbye dandruff).

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