A simple way to quit smoking

A simple way to quit smoking

Quit smoking at the same time as your partner, THE right idea to take up this challenge? This is what a new study reveals.

Patches, hypnosis, acupuncture… To quit smoking, you tried everything but nothing does it? A new study presented at the EuroPrevent 2019, a scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology, held in Lisbon, revealed a simple trick to finally get there: say stop smoking at the same time as your partner.

To find out, the researchers tracked 222 smokers at high risk of cardiovascular disease or heart attacks, as well as their partners. Of these, 99 current smokers (45%), 40 former smokers and 83 non-smokers.

Couples went through a 16-week program, where they were asked about their current relationship with cigarettes, their history of smoking, and their previous attempts to stop smoking. A nicotine replacement treatment with patch and chewing gum was also offered.

As a result, the researchers found that the chances of quitting smoking were nearly six times higher among couples who tried to quit together, compared to those who took on this challenge alone.

“People feel left out when they avoid cigarette breaks at work or opportunities to socialize. In addition to that, there are nicotine withdrawal symptoms. When they stop together, partners can distract themselves by walking, going to the movies or doing substitution activities, such as eating healthy foods or meditating. Active support works better than harassing your partner”, concludes Magda Lampridou, author of the study. A good reason to start together!

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