A natural spray for shiny hair

A natural spray for shiny hair
A natural spray for shiny hair

This morning, looking at you in the mirror, it jumps in your eyes: your hair is less and less brilliant! Despite all your efforts, they seem dull and tired. Do not panic, Lucette your beauty consultant online reveals her natural recipe for a bright mane.

Shine spray for the hair: the natural recipe

Good habits to adopt for shiny hair:
– Rinse them with cold water
– Avoid straighteners and other heating devices
– Let your hair dry naturally or, if not, set your hair dryer to the “cold air” position.
– Cut your hair every three months at least, because the rough points dull your hair.
– Regularly feed your tips using a hair serum, such as Beology Bi-Serum Repairing
– Avoid care containing a lot of silicones that can damage your hair as you use it

The recipe of natural shine spray

Once these good habits are taken, you can make a homemade spray to boost the radiance of your hair.

To do this, take the following ingredients (available at Aromazone.com and some organic stores):
– 30ml of ylang-ylang hydrolate, to stimulate the growth and accentuate the shine
– 0.40ml of vegetable glycerine, for hydration
– 8 drops of silk proteins, for hydration, shine and softness
– 6 drops of Cosgard, to keep your formula longer

Step 1

Mix all these ingredients.

Step 2

Once the formula is homogeneous, pour it into a spray bottle.

Step 3

Spray the formula on your hair. They can be wet or dry. Insist on lengths and ends.

Now that your hair is radiant with health, all you have to do is give a boost to your face … Your mane should not make him shade!

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