A hand and cuticle scrub with brown sugar

A hand and cuticle scrub with brown sugar
A hand and cuticle scrub with brown sugar

Massaging and treating your hands every day is relaxing and good for morale!


A tablespoon of brown sugar, preferably coarse-grained
A tablespoon of olive oil
A teaspoon of lemon juice
A teaspoon of thick honey
Mix the olive oil and honey, then add the brown sugar and lemon. The mixture should be slightly thick, for easy daily application.


Honey nourishes and prevents infections. Olive oil softens the tissues of the skin and promotes the penetration of the mixture. It is also softening and prevents skin droughts. Lemon juice is very good for blood circulation and it is a very good antiseptic. It also whitens the nails! The red sugar allows scrubbing the skin for soft and silky skin. Attention, it is important to massage when applying the scrub to promote a complete absorption of the mixture.

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