A fragrant oil for the body

A fragrant oil for the body
A fragrant oil for the body

Nothing is easier to smell than adding a few drops of essential oil to the vegetable oil of your choice (nevertheless check that the essential oil chosen is not photosensitizing, as is that of tea tree or citrus HE). Here’s our express recipe.


Vegetable oil (like olive oil)
Drops of essential oils of your choice: lavender, eucalyptus…
For 2,5 cl of oil add 3 drops of essential oil.


Olive oil is suitable for all skin types and thanks to its antioxidant agents it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. An oil that softens the skin deeply. Essential oils have many virtues of their own. Lavender essential oil (always useful for cleaning in the natural world) has relaxing functions for the body as well as for the mind! You can even add a few drops of your preparation in your bath to come out with a new and silky skin.

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