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    Why the “liver attack” does not exist

    Why the liver attack does not exist

    Stomach aches, nausea, acid reflux, bloating … With their string of hearty and well-watered meals, interspersed with chocolates and other sweets, the holiday season can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Who has never been the victim of the famous “liver attack”?

    However, the medical textbooks do not mention this term which, moreover, seems to be used only in France. And for good reason: the liver is not involved in any of these symptoms, which are generally the manifestation of indigestion.

    “What everyone takes for liver problems are, in general, only transient imbalances in digestion, due to various food excesses,” says Professor Didier Samuel, head of the hepatology unit at Paul Brousse hospital (Villejuif) and author of The liver crisis does not exist! (Marabout editions, 2017). “It’s a bit like saying” I feel sick to my heart “to say that we are feeling nauseous: in reality, the heart is not the seat of pain.”

    “What everyone takes for liver problems is, in general, only transient digestion imbalances, due to various dietary excesses.”

    The machine is racing

    Normally, during a reasonable meal, the stomach and intestines communicate constantly with the brain to keep it informed of their filling level. Quickly, this one will send signals of satiety. But after eating too much, the system gets carried away. Food accumulates in the stomach: this is called gastric embarrassment. Downstream, the intestines have trouble keeping up. In addition to bloating and abdominal pain, “the brain will send warning signals that will cause nausea, for example,” said Professor Samuel.

    The liver is a bit of the hero of history: it is responsible for cleaning up toxins, regulating (in part) blood sugar and storing excess fat. Obviously, during the holidays, this metabolic factory is running at full speed. “If these excesses remain very punctual, the liver is not affected,” said the hepatologist, however. But when large meals are repeated too frequently, it ends up accumulating fat. ”

    A situation which, in the long term, risks causing fatty liver disease, or so-called “fatty” liver disease, which in turn can progress to cirrhosis, or in extreme cases, cancer. “It’s a process that takes place over years, not in 15 days,” said the doctor.

    The illusion of detox cures

    As you can see, a small one-time excess is not a problem for the liver. “When that happens, you just need to eat fewer calories in the next few days, drink only water – because alcohol also damages the liver – and do some physical exercise,” advises Professor Samuel.

    In The Liver Crisis Doesn’t Exist !, the doctor warns of the alleged detox cures supposed to purify this organ. “Lemon juice, artichokes, fasting … All of that has not been shown to be effective. There is no point in responding to excess with excess. On the other hand, doing a cure can help people to be more careful about what they eat. ”

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    What causes testicular pain?

    What causes testicular pain

    Swelling, redness, tingling … Pain in the testicles should never be taken lightly.

    It’s not always easy to talk about her suffering, especially when it comes to the intimate. But in the face of testicular pain, it is better to get out of your mutism. Whether chronic or acute, they do require immediate medical attention, especially for young men. What are they due to? When should you worry?

    Testicular torsion, a medical emergency

    “In 90% of acute pain cases, it is a testicular torsion,” said the specialist. Following a movement, a shock or for unknown reasons, it can happen that the spermatic cord – containing in particular the blood vessels which irrigate the testicle – twists. The testicle hanging at its end is then deprived of blood and begins to necrose. We also speak of “testicular infarction”.

    The sharp pain that occurs, sometimes accompanied by nausea, hypersensitivity of the organ or swelling, leaves no room for doubt as to the diagnosis. “Don’t waste time: go to the emergency room right away. If the testicle is not operated on within 6 hours, it is lost and will have to be removed, “warns Dr. Carnicelli. This phenomenon is far from isolated: it is estimated that around one in 4000 men will be affected by a testicular torsion in their life. If this can happen at any age, the majority of cases occur before the age of 25, according to the French Association of Urology.

    Self-examination against cancer

    In case of testicular pain, fear of cancer is never far away. However, “a tumor does not necessarily cause pain but rather a feeling of heaviness,” said the doctor. According to him, men should frequently palpate their testicles to watch for the appearance of a possible “stony ball”. But be careful not to see the evil everywhere: “Some patients come to consult because they believe they feel an abnormal lump when it is the epididymis (a structure located at the top of the testicle, note).” Cancer testicles is rare – around 2000 cases are identified each year in France – and is generally treated well if taken on time.

    The pain can also be explained by an infection, sexually transmitted or not. “If the patient is under the age of 50, and one of his testicles is hard, large, hot and painful, he should go for a sexually transmitted infection like Chlamydia,” says Dr. Carnicelli. Orchitis (testicular infection) can also occur in mumps, or accompany other viral infections. With the right treatment, these annoyances never last long.

    The complicated diagnosis of chronic pain

    However, some men experience chronic pain. “We talk about chronic pain when it has lasted for more than three months, is intermittent or constant and has an impact on daily life.” And there, things get complicated. “The origin can be urological, rheumatological or postoperative, after a vasectomy for example. But in almost half of the cases, you never find the cause, “says the urologist.

    For example, it can be varicocele, a disease that affects the veins of the testicles. “It manifests as a feeling of heaviness at the end of the day or after sport and affects especially the left testicle of young men,” said the doctor, stressing that there can be an impact on fertility. Testicular pain can also be caused by a kidney stone or have a neuropathic origin, as in inguinal hernia.

    In all cases, solutions exist. So do not hesitate to talk to your doctor so as not to risk a delayed diagnosis which could be fatal for fertility capital!

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    How effective are anti-aging creams?

    How effective are anti-aging creams

    An anti-aging cream will never replace surgery, which almost instantly erases the signs of skin aging. A cosmetic product is also not intended to treat, otherwise, it would be considered a drug. A cosmetic product is above all a sensory experience, with a hedonistic dimension that characterizes the field of cosmetology. That said, the consumer increasingly expects results from cosmetic laboratories, and more particularly in the anti-aging segment. Reduce or eliminate wrinkles, give radiance to the complexion, eliminate unsightly pigmentations, restore the elasticity of our 20 years to the skin, which undergoes the inexorable onslaught of time, stress, pollution, bad weather, such are the challenges that await cosmetic laboratories.

    The results must be immediate, it is the time that demands it. Research allows, with the progress of nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, genomics and cell biology, to develop effective active ingredients and cosmetic forms which, beyond the original textures which are created, optimize the “anti-age “of the products.

    Good hydration

    To prevent or fight against skin aging, it is important to know the potential targets, on which the “anti-aging” ingredients will act. Ensuring proper hydration of the skin is the first step. Beyond the essential water intake through food, maintaining a sufficient level of hydration to ensure optimal mechanical properties (elasticity, firmness) can be obtained by the composition of ingredients of the cream used, in particular, vegetable oils, humectants (glycerin, sugars, glycols), but also specific active ingredients having an action on the mechanisms of hydration. Using natural polymers such as hyaluronic acid or collagen helps retain water in the epidermis.

    Another strategy is to inhibit free radicals. These are molecular species, produced daily in the body, necessary to fight against external aggressions (viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, etc.). During intense exposure to the sun, through the action of stress, poor nutrition or the action of atmospheric pollutants, these molecules are produced in excess and accelerate aging. For a long time, the cosmetic industry has known how to produce free radical scavengers, whether antioxidants or antiglycants.

    We will also find natural products that have an activity on the phenomenon of inflammation, the result of the action of free radicals and involved in the aging of the skin. To prevent this process, it is not enough to take care of the cutaneous tissues, it is also necessary to protect the structures which feed them and make them react by acting on the cutaneous micro-blood circulation and the innervation of the skin. As such, the development of molecules or plant extracts having an activity on these two structures gives interesting results.

    Peptides for a “Botox-like” effect

    But how can we restore the appearance of our lost youth to our skin? Research turns to peptides, these molecules made up of several amino acids, interconnected. They have interesting properties: acting on the expression of genes coding for the synthesis of pro-collagen, transmitting signals to other cells for the synthesis of proteins essential to the skin, transporting trace elements, necessary for the proper functioning of our cells, or even act at the level of the connection between the nerve cells of the skin in order to obtain sagging and therefore less visible wrinkles, what is called “Botox-like effect” in cosmetic jargon.

    Finally, new generations of cosmetics must also combine active ingredients protecting cells from the effects of air pollution. They do not have a simple mechanical protection role vis-à-vis the environment but are fixed on cells by taking the place of harmful compounds present in the atmosphere. Natural molecules like polyphenols can have this type of action. The effectiveness of the product does not depend solely on the active ingredient which has been developed, but on the way it is incorporated into the formulation, on the form (free, chemical form, encapsulated), on the possible synergy with the other elements of the formulation, of the cosmetic form chosen (type of emulsion, gel, solution, complex formulation).

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    White hair : Why does hair turn white with age?

    White hair Why does hair turn white with age

    Bleaching hair is a natural and inevitable process. Fortunately, it is very rarely a symptom of an illness.

    “It’s normal that you have so much white hair, you’re always stressed!”; “Do not pluck this white hair, otherwise others will grow!” White hair is still subject to many misconceptions. However, sooner or later, they lose their color, and will never find it again. Stress is often blamed. But if in some people the first white hair appears earlier than in others, it is mainly due to genetic predispositions.

    So there is no point in favoring this or that diet that is supposed to postpone the deadline. “We don’t know how to delay whitening hair,” said Dr. Philippe Assouly, a dermatologist specializing in the scalp at the Sabouraud center (Saint-Louis hospital) in Paris. What caused this process?

    A question of melanocytes

    The color of our skin, our hair, our hair or our irises is linked to the presence of melanin, a pigment which can be brown-black or yellow-red in color. “The latter is produced by cells called melanocytes, present in each of our hair follicles”, continues the dermatologist. The hairs and hair are born in these tiny cavities – the surface of our body can count up to 5 million. Hair follicles also contain keratinocytes, cells that synthesize keratin, the main constituent of hair. As the hair grows, the melanocytes transmit melanin to the keratinocytes. The hair is therefore pigmented at the level of its root, which allows it to be colored over its entire length.

    “But as they age, these melanocytes no longer transmit pigment, they are no longer functional”, describes Dr Assouly. The hair then no longer receiving melanin, they become white. And since the melanocytes cannot reactivate, the phenomenon is definitive. Except in exceptional cases: certain localized diseases of the scalp or certain treatments for serious diseases can trigger repigmentation of the hair.

    A genetic predisposition

    Why do some have white hair at 20 or younger, while others are spared until 50? “It is above all linked to a genetic predisposition,” says the dermatologist. So if your parents or other family members had white hair early, there is a higher probability that this is also the case for you. “The myth that when one tears off a hair, it causes the bleaching of others is therefore obviously false! It’s just that if we have white hair, the general tendency of our scalp is to fade, so others bleach. ”

    Some factors could still promote premature bleaching of hair. Several studies notably question tobacco. Severe deficiencies linked to undernutrition can also lead to discoloration of the hair, “but this is not the only symptom of the deficiency, far from it, and it is temporary,” specifies Dr Assouly. Hormonal disorders, especially linked to thyroid disorders, can also play a role. “There is sometimes a diffuse whitening, distributed all over the head,” says the doctor.

    Conversely, in the case of vitiligo – a disease characterized by depigmentation of the skin – the bleaching is very localized. The symptoms of this benign pathology are due to the loss of melanocytes, so discoloration affects both the skin and the hair. Another example is that of albinism. This peculiarity is due to a genetic abnormality which leads to a deficit in melanin production.

    What about stress?

    Legend has it that the morning of her execution, October 16, 1793, Marie-Antoinette woke up with completely white hair, even though it was colored the day before. Today, “Marie-Antoinette syndrome” is a term used to designate very rapid whitening of hair. Which is actually impossible. “It is actually alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that can promote hair depigmentation, but above all, that more readily causes loss of pigmented hair,” corrects Dr. Assouly. Only the white hair remains in place, giving the impression that all of the hair has been bleached. “In rare cases, the triggering of this alopecia areata can be linked to stress, but this factor remains marginal.”

    Aside from these exceptions, no link between stress and the appearance of white hair has ever been proven. No reason to worry, therefore, if the first gray hairs appear early.

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    Obesity and undernourishment: the two faces of malnutrition

    Obesity and undernourishment the two faces of malnutrition

    A series of studies published in the medical journal The Lancet by researchers, mission leaders by the World Health Organization (WHO), point to the devastating and terrible consequences of malnutrition in the world.

    The advent of ultra-processed foods, saturated in empty calories and devoid of essential nutrients, is the cause of the emergence in some poor countries, and to a lesser extent in developed countries, of the simultaneous existence, in the same family or in the same individual, stunting usually caused by undernourishment and severe obesity which is usually the result of overeating. This phenomenon is seen when the diet is too rich in calories and empty of necessary compounds such as amino acids and essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, or even trace elements. The studies are published in the journal The Lancet.

    A devastating coexistence

    In more than a third of poor countries, mainly located in sub-Saharan Africa, South and East Asia, new forms of malnutrition have appeared in recent decades. If hunger in the world has always been a major problem in these regions, we are now witnessing, thanks to the advent of fast foods and hyper-industrialized food, the combination of overweight and delay growth. If even one of these conditions already poses serious health concerns, sometimes serious, when they act in synergy, it is a disaster. These two public health problems are causing damage over several generations. We can therefore imagine that the offspring of people with these new forms of malnutrition end up with exacerbated health problems.

    Food systems involved

    The time for poor and undernourished rich countries is over. You would think it is a good thing. Well not really. According to the director of the Nutrition for Health and Development Department of the World Health Organization, “All forms of malnutrition have one common denominator, namely food systems that do not provide people with healthy, safe, sustainable food. and at an affordable price. To make a difference, action will need to be taken at various levels of the food system – from production and processing to consumption and waste, including sales, distribution, pricing, marketing and labeling. . All policies and investments in this area will have to be radically reviewed. “. We must therefore rethink the whole functioning of our food systems. The challenge is not to eradicate hunger from the world, but to eradicate malnutrition in all its forms.

    How to fight?

    The common denominator of these new forms of malnutrition is the profound modification of the food supply. We must guarantee access to healthy and varied food via our food systems of the future and limit that to ultra-processed industrial food. Markets are becoming scarce and supermarkets are multiplying, which is not inevitable. Some brands base their trade on fresh products and we must, if we want to eat well, to promote these chains for the benefit of others. Without this, the double burden of malnutrition (undernourishment and overweight) in pregnant women, then in young children and in children exacerbates easily preventable health problems with quality food at all stages of life. It still has to be available and economically accessible.

    According to the WHO, “This may include, for example, improved prenatal care and breastfeeding practices, social assistance or new policies for the agricultural and food systems whose main objective is Healthy eating. The problem is systemic and therefore all stakeholders must get their hands dirty, from governments to civil society, including academics, the media, donors and the private sector. Dr. Branca then concludes that “given the political economy of food, the commodification of food systems and the growth of inequality in the world, an enlarged community of actors will be necessary to face the new reality in nutrition. These actors must work interconnected on a global scale and reinforce each other. Without a profound transformation of food systems, the economic, social and environmental costs of inaction will prevent the growth and development of people and societies for decades. ”

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    10 tips to stop smoking without getting fat

    10 tips to stop smoking without getting fat

    You have decided to stop smoking, but do you apprehend weight gain? Rest assured, it is possible to limit the damage! Here are some tips for throwing away your pack without getting angry with your scale.

    1. Pay more attention to your diet
    2. Forget the sweet products
    3. Relativize weight gain, it does not last!
    4. Play sports
    5. walk
    6. Take care of your mouth without nibbling
    7. Drink a lot of water
    8. Do not skip breakfast
    9. Get help
    10. Use nicotine substitutes

    Quitting smoking is essential to your health, you know it. But you also know that this may be at the expense of your line. We can not deny it: when you stop smoking, you will inevitably take a few pounds if you do not pay attention. The reasons are multiple. On the one hand, the cigarette is an effective appetite suppressant, on the other hand, nicotine can burn fat. Finally, someone who stops smoking finds a stronger sensitivity to tastes and smells. This is necessarily accompanied by a revival of appetite … However, this weight gain is not inevitable and a third of people who stop smoking do not gain weight a few tips can help not to take extra pounds.

    Pay more attention to your diet

    Now that you have quit smoking, you need to be more careful about having balanced menus. Do not force products that are too fat or too sweet. Do not neglect vegetables and fresh fruits. If necessary, consult a nutritionist who will advise you on personalized menus. At the table, avoid refilling yourself and leave the table quickly after finishing eating, so you limit the temptation.

    However, this is not the time to start a regime too strict. Withdrawal is a stressful time for your body, do not add. Instead, adopt a varied and balanced diet.

    Forget the sweet products

    In the days and weeks after smoking cessation, former smokers usually throw themselves on sweet products. Banish your closets chocolate bars, cookies, and other bars. On the other hand, place a cup of fresh fruit at your fingertips. To help you, do not go shopping hungry and make a list that you follow to avoid cracking on products that are too fat or too sweet on the shelves.

    Relativize weight gain, it does not last!

    Weight gain usually occurs in the first three months. And if smoking cessation causes an average gain of 3.8 kg in women, and 2.8 kg in men, many of them regain their starting weight in the twelve months following the judgment.

    Play sports

    Remember to burn calories intensively while practicing sports. Choose a discipline in which you have the opportunity to have fun (friendlies, competition.). If you go for jogging, do not run alone. Join a club where you will feel more supported. In any case, the resumption of a sport allied to your smoking cessation will clean your lungs. You will rediscover the joys of breathing!


    If you do not have the courage to join a sports club, increase your daily expenses! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. By metro or bus, get off at the station before your destination and walk the rest of the way. For short distances, leave the car at the garage and walk.

    Take care of your mouth without nibbling

    In the first few weeks, you can use oral food substitutes (chewing gum, candy without sugar). But stop quickly, not to acquire new bad habits. Above all, do not snack between meals! You would fall into an infernal spiral in which you are going to devour more and more appetizers and sweets. If you fall, choose imperatively fruits.

    Drink a lot of water

    Try to drink more than usual, at least 2 liters of water a day. Preferably, consume this water between meals. On the other hand, lift your feet on drinks that make you want to smoke: coffee, alcohol (which is also very sweet).

    Do not skip breakfast

    Have a more substantial breakfast after you stop smoking. For example, take bread or cereals with yogurt, fruit and a drink (tea, herbal tea). This will allow you to avoid the cravings of the late morning.

    Get help

    If you feel that you have trouble keeping, do not hesitate to get help. Dietary management from the beginning of smoking cessation avoids unnecessary pounds. So supported, you will not be obsessed with the fear of getting fatter. Again, do not just go for a diet too strict: to want to restrict you on all the tables you could crack!

    Use nicotine substitutes

    It has been shown in one study * that the use of gums can help reduce weight gain after stopping smoking. And more precisely, the results seem proportional to the dose consumed. Women who used more gums gained less weight than women who used little or none (1.3 kg after 12 weeks vs. 3.4 kg). Precious help! Indeed, nicotine intake will help to fight against the sensation of lack and thus limit snacking that aims to offset cravings. In addition, these substitutes make it possible to prolong the effects of nicotine on metabolism Since April 20, 2018, nicotine substitutes have been reimbursed by Social Security.

    Stopping smoking and weight gain: pay attention to received ideas!

    Some common misconceptions about weight gain at the time of quitting are stubborn and may discourage you from doing so, yet they are wrong. Among them, we find:

    Quitting smoking is necessarily synonymous with weight gain: it’s wrong! One-third of smokers who decide to stop will not gain weight after weaning.
    When we stop smoking, we gain a lot of weight: again, it’s wrong. On average, stopping smoking takes 3 to 4 kg. Some people take only one, others more, others still not at all, there is no rule.
    To avoid getting fat, it is necessary to associate weaning to a draconian diet: especially not! It would be too much stress and too strict a framework, we adapt his diet but it is fun by eating varied and balanced foods without starving.

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    How to make your natural anti-wrinkle?

    How to make your natural anti-wrinkle

    Even though the shop shelves are filled with anti-wrinkle or anti-aging cosmetics, there is still doubt about their effectiveness. Not to mention the sometimes disturbing ingredients that some contain. Making your natural anti-wrinkle is, therefore more and more trendy. How to do and how to improve the condition of your mature skin in a general way?

    Fight wrinkles in a natural way

    The anti-wrinkle lifestyle
    It’s useless to start applying anti-aging creams too soon. If you are less than 30 years old and some fine lines at the corners of the eyes, it is most often dryness lines that a natural eye contour can quickly improve. Just like regular water consumption.

    Because hydration, from the inside and the outside, is a first natural anti-wrinkle weapon for every age. Depending on your age and skin type – whether it is dry or oily – an adapted homemade cream can meet its needs effectively.

    In general, preventing the appearance of wrinkles is part of a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water, but also eating foods rich in vitamins contribute to cell function. Foods that contain amino acids are particularly recommended. These form a molecular chain that leads to the formation of proteins. Essential to the functioning of the body, they are also essential to accelerate cell renewal.

    Natural amino acids are found in eggs, fish, poultry, but also in whole grains, seeds, peanuts, almonds, and so on.

    Treat and protect the skin to slow down the appearance of wrinkles
    The sun’s rays are the main vectors of premature aging of the skin. The face, always bare in summer and winter, is their main target.

    Opt for sun protection for the face, index 50. It is even advisable to wear all year under his makeup to filter the sun’s rays. Natural and organic sun protection now exists.

    On a daily basis, in addition to the moisturizer, opt for a natural routine. Two-stage makeup removal eliminates all residues. For oily or dry skin, authentic Aleppo soap is a good option if you prefer a rinse with water. Otherwise, removing makeup with oil (sweet almond, apricot for example) is a good 100% natural option for all skin types.

    In both cases, you can finish the cleansing with a hydrosol, a distilled water of plants, as a tonic. Rose hydrosol, very regenerating, is recommended for mature skin.

    Make your natural anti-wrinkle

    To make a homemade anti-wrinkle cream, there are different recipes. The easiest way is to use a cream neutral base and add ingredients of your choice. For your natural cream, in a 50 ml jar, you will need:

    • From a neutral Bio pot base, it contains in particular vegetable oils, glycerine.
      40 drops of fruit acids (AHA) which are in liquid form in vial. They give radiance to the complexion and allow to exfoliate daily.
    • 8 drops of essential oil of Geranium Rosat, effective against the appearance of wrinkles.
    • 1 teaspoon of avocado oil. Very rich in vitamin E and antioxidant, it is recommended for dry skin and mature skin.
    • To make an express wrinkle mask, you can use the same formulation by adding a teaspoon of honey to nourish deeply. Apply in thick layer and leave for 20 minutes. Remove the excess with a cotton soaked in rose hydrosol before applying your care.

    Anti-wrinkle facial massage

    The first natural remedy and the most economical of all is the self-massage of the face. Performed after the application of care, it allows to increase the penetration rate and thus make them more effective.

    The anti-wrinkle facial massage aims to wake the skin and cell renewal. Practice it every evening with your face cream or oil. With the palms, smooth the skin gently from the chin to the lobe of the ears. On the forehead, relax your features with the pulp of your fingers on both sides horizontally.

    The important thing here is to speed up the micro-circulation. In addition to an immediate good-looking effect, it boosts the production of collagen and elastin which are the guardians of the elasticity of the skin.

    You can also help you some tools, very popular with Asians, which allow massaging the face in rotation. They require very little effort and are very effective in giving radiance and plumping the skin naturally.

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    How to put false eyelashes?

    How to put false eyelashes

    False eyelashes are the number one allies to perfect the look. But you still have to know how to ask them. Our video tutorial to master this gesture as a pro.
    They can bring volume and length for a few hours, but false eyelashes are not accessories so obvious to master! Our step by step illustrated in the video.

    False eyelashes step by step

    Step 1: Before you ask anything, you must unify the complexion. For this nothing better than a BB cream, a tinted multi-caps cream that moisturizes corrects imperfections and protects the skin from external aggressions.

    Step 2: To peel false eyelashes out of their box, use tweezers and gently pry them up. Before gluing them, make sure they are at the size of your eyelid and cut off the excess with a small chisel.

    Step 3: Put a dash of glue on the edge of the false eyelashes. And blow 5 to 10 seconds on it, so that the glue starts to dry and that it takes more easily once on your eyelid. Put false eyelashes with your index fingers, closer to your eyelashes. In the same place as the growth of your eyelashes, so slightly taken off the inner corner of the eye. Press the ends for a few seconds to hold them.

    Step 4: Pass an illuminating powder over the cheeks and temples to catch the light on your face.

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    The lightened makes you fat

    The lightened makes you fat

    In each country, there is a perfect correlation between light food sales figures (light) and the percentage of overweight and morbidly obese citizens. This observation, without preconceived ideas, can lead to two very different conclusions.

    Some will find it logical that the sale of light products grows when obesity increases. The rest will conclude that light has no effect on the incidence of obesity. The main idea of ​​the trader is to see the light as a buoyant market in a country where obesity is common. While the clinician’s finding is to see the failure of lightened products on reducing the incidence of obesity.

    These two conclusions are accurate and each observer can welcome his logic. Yes, the light is a buoyant market. No, the light is useless.

    But in the imbroglio of the relations between the sanitary trade and the biomedical sciences, it would be surprising if such instinctive conclusions could be validated by science.

    The truth is indeed more complex: the light makes you fat.

    Merchants can rejoice at such a conclusion favoring a circular market that thrives just because of its existence (like those of sugars, video games, psychotropic, or deodorants that self-harm by the dependence they create. clinicians must be alarmed by this counter-intuitive discovery since their prescription becomes harmful to patients.

    After showing that the treatment of obesity can not go through either nutraceuticals or drugs, science has sought to understand the paradox of the light that makes you fat. She already has several answers.

    Synthetic sweeteners are not only ineffective, but they are also harmful in promoting glucose intolerance by a mechanism probably related to changes in the microbiota.

    In children, light sweet drinks are even more toxic than sweetened beverages because they affect their eating behavior even more negatively and durably. In adults, light sodas promote insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. In pregnant women, they increase, in addition, the risk of preterm birth for reasons still unclear.

    Finally, physiology illuminates this paradox. A synthetic sweetener emits in the mouth a sweet signal that informs the body of an upcoming arrival of sugar, so it mobilizes insulin and limits the release of sugar reserves; and since sugar intake does not occur, it results in authentic hypoglycemia that stimulates the appetite. What was not the goal!

    I take this opportunity to exculpate the majority of obese who are not responsible for their obesity because this pathology is forged before the age of 6 years and even in intrauterine life. Let’s forgive parents who had not been told that God had put Homo sapiens upright so that he would never stop walking.

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    Here’s what to eat at breakfast to be beautiful

    Here's what to eat at breakfast to be beautiful

    The ingredients for a healthy breakfast are those who promise a pretty complexion. Seasonal fruits, seeds, plant milk… The point on what is good and why.

    The alpha and omega of beautiful skin? Sufficient intake of vitamins A, B, C and E, trace elements and minerals, omega 3, 6, 9, beta-carotene, fatty acids or antioxidants. These substances are involved in the manufacture of collagen, fight against free radicals, responsible for aging, and maintain a good intestinal flora, essential to the radiance of the complexion. Treasures of benefits at your fingertips since they are to tap into our diet. Unfortunately, at breakfast time, we consume dairy products, inflammatory, industrial juices full of sugar and vitamins, white flour products without fibers … “A deficient food depletes our flora bowel and our body explains the naturopath Boris Jean. Overloaded with bad fats and sugars, our body accumulates toxins that are released in the liver, kidneys … and skin, which is their last way out. »Balance sheet? Our dietary deficits result in a horny layer that is too fat or too dry depending on the area, acne breakouts or even eczema.


    The solution? Adopt a global approach to beauty, as suggested by Jean-Louis Poiroux, the founder of Cinq Mondes spas. “The complexion,” he says, “is a reflection of what is happening both outside and inside our envelope. One can not hope to improve the state of one’s skin without taking into consideration what one eats, and this, as of breakfast. Indeed, the digestive system particularly well assimilates this first-morning meal. “After the fast of the night, says Boris Jean, one digests better, the calories are burned throughout the day, without too much risk of storage. ”

    In this specific report to a beauty diet, it is also essential to follow one’s instinct. No benefit without pleasure, remind specialists. It is, therefore, time to pamper our intestines by varying our contribution to micronutrients to prevent skin inflammation. The benefits of a more diverse and healthy food are visible after two months. “We are very routine in the morning, says Olivier Panisse, naturopath. Rather than chopsticks, rusks or puffed cereals, real bombs of ultra-inflammatory sugars, we should focus on fruits, rich in fiber and good sugars, seeds stuffed with antioxidants, and herbs infusion. Boris Jean confirms: “This is the easiest time of the day to put inventiveness in his diet. It’s just a matter of varying the ingredients, favoring vitalizing foods and feasting. So at the table!

    What to drink?

    First of all beauty ingredients, water is often overlooked. Herbal tea is an opportunity to drink more. Burdock promotes the elimination of toxins; the red vine facilitates microcirculation; wild thought limits acne, rosemary boosts … So many healing virtues that contribute to the radiance of the skin. To prefer coffee and tea? And why not…


    The healthy delicacies of Boris Jean, naturopath
    The approach of this former veterinarian turned health lecturer and coach is scientific and holistic. His credo? Act on the body and mind seriously, without ever neglecting the pleasure dimension.

    A complete meal to defuse inflaming

    “A greedy and satiating cocktail at a time. »Mix in a bowl 150 ml of vegetable milk (oats, hazelnuts, millet …) with 4 tablespoons cereal flakes without gluten and no added sugars (oats, buckwheat, corn …), 1 small handful oleaginous (nuts, hazelnuts …), 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil (wheat germ, for example), 3 raw cocoa beans, 1 crushed banana or cut dried fruits.

    Nutrition point. This mix is ​​rich in fiber, vitamin E, antioxidants and omega 3. Oilseeds with high magnesium content (just like cocoa bean and banana) and calcium are well suited to prevent inflaming (inflammations chronic diseases responsible for premature aging).

    A detox juice to turn on the light

    “The apple softens the taste of beetroot and ginger brings a note as exotic as greedy. Mix in a blender 2 carrots, 1 raw beet, 1 cucumber, 2 apples and 1 cm of ginger. Add lemon juice or 1/2 bunch parsley.

    Nutrition point. A concentrate of vitamins A and C for a radiance that ensures a well-deserved rest in the intestines. It benefits from the antioxidant power of carotenoids and vitamins whole fruits and vegetables pressed with their skin (simply washed).

    And the sandwich?

    Should we deprive ourselves of the divine smell of toast in the morning, the one that makes us want to get up? Certainly not. Organic whole wheat bread, without additives, rich in fiber, vitamin B (for brightness) and low glycemic index, spread with butter, this source of vitamin A, so essential for the skin, is a plebiscite. And since lipids are better assimilated in the morning, it is also the perfect time to enjoy its portion of goat cheese and sheep …

    Isabella Capece’s 100% energy recipes from Maisie Café

    Co-founder of a vegan canteen in the heart of Paris, Isabella Capece has created a menu with energy and sparkle breakfasts full of originality. A beautiful and good source of inspiration.

    A satiating porridge for deep nourishment

    “Porridge is regressive, a real comfort food! here is a more light version with chia seeds and matcha. Put the refrigerator overnight 125 ml vegetable milk (almond, soy cashew …), in which you poured 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. They will swell during the night and take a look at tapioca. The next morning, warm 50 ml of vegetable milk in which you add, out of the fire, 1 teaspoon of organic matcha powder. Mix well, and pour over the chia seed mixture. Enjoy your porridge with some homemade or organic applesauce sprinkled with a pinch of cinnamon.

    Nutrition point. The omega and protein found in chia seeds help to restore the density and luster of the skin. Green tea protects it from aggression.

    A gourmet cream to rejuvenate the complexion

    “Largely inspired by the Budwig cream, this morning creme guarantees a good boost for the whole body. Beat 1 organic soy yogurt with 1 tablespoon of virgin organic hemp or walnut oil until you get a creamy cream. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 crushed banana and 1 teaspoon of organic spirulina powder. Mix well and keep cool for 10 minutes. Serve with granola (like Maisie Café, gluten-free and more digestible) or organic whole grain cereals. Finish by adding 1 teaspoon of ground sesame or sunflower seeds and seasoned fruits cut into pieces.

    Nutrition point. Spirulina, rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, omega 3 and 6, as well as proteins and minerals (iron, calcium, and magnesium), plays on all the tables of form and “cellular respiration”.

    Sweet and salty spread to maintain flexibility

    “This recipe with avocado, zaatar and pomegranate are ideal for lovers of salty breakfast. Toast 1 slice of focaccia, then drizzle with a drizzle of olive oil. Mix 1 sliced ​​avocado, 1 pinch of zaatar spices and salt, and 1/2 lemon juice. Spread the focaccia with this preparation. Add 1 handful of lemon arugula and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds for their tangy taste.

    Nutrition point. The avocado, rich in omega 9 and vitamin E, is perfect to restore suppleness to the skin in the middle of winter. The pomegranate will bring the right dose of antioxidants and vitamins.