8 New sports to test for the start of the 2020 season

8 nouveaux sports à tester pour la rentrée 2019
8 nouveaux sports à tester pour la rentrée 2019

To begin the start of the good start, we start the sport! This year, the new activities are all more innovative than the others.

To lose weight, tone your body, let off steam or relax ….. All reasons are good to practice a sporting activity. Nothing better than starting it at the beginning of the season to enjoy its benefits throughout the year. A glance at the new sports trends to discover absolutely.

Electro Boxing

What’s this ? Notice to the hurry! This new sports club features an innovative 30-minute session that combines 20 minutes of electrostimulation with 10 minutes of cardio boxing. No need to sweat for hours! At the end of the session, your body burned about 1200 calories, the equivalent of 4 hours of sports. Nice no?

The results ? The effect on the silhouette is quickly visible if you go regularly because you burn a maximum of calories. Discipline also helps reduce muscle and back pain.


Burning Park

What’s this ? If you want to lose weight, here is the most effective activity. It combines cardio and muscle strengthening in a 45-minute session. You lose calories during and up to 36 hours after the session. All in a friendly atmosphere and with latest generation equipment.

The results ? You muscle your body and tone it deeply.

Lido Bootcamp

What’s this ? The legendary cabaret on the Champs-Elysées offers a unique experience from September 10 to October 4, 2019. This bootcamp led by the dancers of the Lido is composed of a sporting pillar and another more artistic, spread over 1:30. Accessible to all, it allows you to choose between 3 sessions including a fitness class, body pump, yoga or Pilates as well as learning a choreography of the magazine Paris Merveilles.

The results ? Depending on the session you choose, you will sculpt your figure, burn calories and go beyond. You will work on your posture and your confidence in yourself.

Humble Warrior

What’s this ? This 60-minute class combines hip-hop and vinyasa yoga in a room bathed in darkness and lit by candles. You follow the postures while following your breathing. All on R & B sounds.

The results ? You stretch your body and work on muscle building

Cardio Bar

What’s this ? A skilful combination of pilates, cardio and ballet, this class has been taught by Kalon, the team of professional dancers from Lido, Moulin Rouge and other Parisian cabarets. On trendy music, you perform exercises with accessories (balls, elastics, light weights)

The results ? Ideal to taper the legs, carve the arms, abdominals and buttocks.

Body Resistance

What’s this ? You work with elastics to build deep muscles. Very complete, this activity allows to soften and gain flexibility quickly.

The results ? Thanks to the work of stretching, you post better posture. Strength training combined with cardio exercises refine the body and curve buttocks and arms.

Athletic Fusion

What’s this ? This course was designed by Adèle Van Damme, founder of Pilates Fusion. It includes several intensive disciplines such as bodyweight training: body weight training and Calisthenics: a mix of gym and bodybuilding exercises. The training is rather intense and gives pride to the movement.

The results ? The muscles of the body are in great demand thanks to a complete and versatile program. Ideal to lose weight and let off steam.

Where to practice? LA.SALLE.DE.SPORT with Reebok at 12 boulevard de la Madeleine in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.


What’s this ? A mix between dance and yoga developed by an American sports coach. More intense than traditional yoga, it strengthens all the muscles of the body through dynamic movements.
This discipline helps develop cardio and endurance while working flexibility and balance.
In addition to its originality, this dancing yoga strengthens the muscles and tends to sculpt the body while being active.

The results ? You develop your cardio and endurance to sculpt your body over the course of the sessions.

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