8 natural tips to replace commercial products

8 natural tips to replace commercial products
8 natural tips to replace commercial products

To return to a slower beauty routine, you do not need to have a big cauldron to make magic products from complicated recipes. Just go back to simple products, easy to find and economical. The advantage? We adopt a responsible consumption freed from traps marketings, we preserve our health and the planet with natural products and we reduce its waste.

1. The makeup remover

Organic make-up removers are as gentle on the skin as they are on the eyes. But, when makeup daily, the evening routine to wash his face can come back dear. To replace it, fill half of an empty bottle with an organic vegetable oil adapted to your skin type (sweet almond, avocado, Nigella) and floral water according to its needs (lavender for oily skin, orange blossom for combination skin or rose for irritated skin). A real moment of sweetness.

2. The shower gel

Beware of conventional shower gels that use many toxic chemicals and endocrine disruptors. In addition, the whole family uses shower gel and the bottles are emptied as quickly as they replace. So to squeeze the plastic packaging out of his bathroom, we come back to the solid soap. We choose a real Marseille soap (with olive oil and not with palm oil and without paraben), an Aleppo soap or a soap saponified cold as soaps of Argasol and Savonnerie Bourbonnaise.

3. The shampoo

Organic solid shampoos have the shape of a classic soap and have the advantage of not containing any endocrine disruptor. Free of sulfate and allergenic substance, solid shampoos foam much less than industrial soap but respects our hair. It is also possible to make your homemade liquid shampoo. Discover the recipes of solid and liquid house shampoo.

4. The lipstick

The parched and chapped lips in winter, sometimes even in summer, we all knew that. Rather than using commercial lipsticks, it is replaced by coconut oil (organic and not deodorized to retain its properties) or by shea butter (prefer organic and ethical) with extremely nutritious properties. Keep a small pot on hand.

5. The toothpaste

There are very simple homemade toothpaste recipes that come back very inexpensive. Just mix 1 tsp. of baking soda, 4 tbsp. white clay and a few drops of essential oils of mint or lemon. Another recipe is to mix 1 tsp. of baking soda and one of coconut oil. With these recipes, your toothpaste will only cost you a few cents a month.

6. The deodorant

The deodorant is a product of hygiene and cosmetic which makes a great debate. Aluminum, parabens, alcohol, commercial deodorants are extremely dangerous for health. Natural product, alum stone is still debate and would not be safe. There is a very simple deodorant recipe that consists of mixing 50 g of coconut oil, 50 g of baking soda, 40 g of corn starch and 5 drops of palmarosa and/or lavender essential oil. Bicarbonate scours bad odors and starch absorbs moisture. This recipe is kept in a pot that will serve you for three months.

7. Care for acne

When the skin is attacked by cleaning products, it reacts and produces more sebum, this protective film of the epidermis. Excess sebum clogs the pores of the skin and aggravates the problem of acne. Aloe vera is an asset for the skin thanks to its gel with moisturizing, soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic virtues. There are organic gels with immediate application. Simply apply the gel on the inflamed pimples and scars by massaging slightly to make it penetrate and repeat, morning and evening, the operation.

8. Care, masks, and scrubs

Masks and scrubs can be made from products in your kitchen cupboard. Comforting honey mask, nourishing avocado, coffee grounds scrub, tonic cucumber lotion. Fruits, vegetables and other food products are full of benefits for our skin and much cheaper than commercial cosmetics. They can be integrated without risk of side effects in their beauty routine. Discover the foods that can be used to take care of your skin.

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