8 homemade recipes for a golden complexion … without sun!

8 homemade recipes for a golden complexion ... without sun!
8 homemade recipes for a golden complexion ... without sun!

The beautiful tanned complexion of the end of summer lasts only too little … As soon as October is over, all traces of tan have gone. However, it is possible to wear a golden complexion all year, even without sun. Our natural solutions.

Juices full of vitamins and … carrots!

The carrot is the good-looking ally to put on its plate all year round. It colors the complexion slightly, prepares the skin for the sun and accelerates the tan. It should be consumed 1 to 2 pounds per day to enjoy all its benefits. The solution to eat it full? Prepare vitaminized juice, drink in the morning. In the juicer, pass a quarter pineapple, half a mango and two carrots for an exotic recipe. For more freshness, mix four carrots and a few mint leaves. If you prefer citrus fruits, mix two carrots and add the juice of a lemon, an orange and a half grapefruit.

An organic mask to wake up the complexion

Carefully keep the pulp of your carrot juice in the morning, to concoct a homemade mask to look good. Mix one cup of carrot pulp, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of flour until you get a smooth mixture. Leave for ten minutes and rinse.

A homemade organic tanning machine

The self-tanner, you know. But here is a recipe 100% natural, to do it yourself: everything is in your kitchen. In a bowl, mix one egg yolk, two tablespoons of plain yoghurt, five tablespoons of carrot oil and five drops of carrot essential oil. Pour everything into a vaporizer through a funnel. Apply the cream once a day by massaging evenly after scrubbing. Let stand 15 to 20 minutes then rinse without rubbing. Be careful, you can only keep this preparation for three days because of the egg and yoghurt, but it’s so fast to make!

A sunny make-up

To wear a golden complexion, it is equipped with makeup products sun-drenched. We apply a sun base and an embellisher that will then make your makeup better hold and that will unify your complexion. You can also opt for a serum tinted or slightly iridescent, to apply as a foundation. We then apply a sun powder, which we choose one to two shades darker than our complexion. As our (true) tan increases, we can darken the color of our powder. One does not forget to powder the blow to avoid the demarcations and one illuminates certain areas of the face for a natural sun effect: cupid’s bow, the chin and the space located between the eyebrows.

A tinted moisturizer

If you want to look good, you’ll get a slightly tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream. It is applied alone or in base, highlighted by a little sunlight and illuminator to structure the face.

A tea self-tanner

For an easy trick, natural and inexpensive, we put everything on tea. In a quarter of a liter of boiling water, pour two large tablespoons of black tea or tea from China. Let steep for a quarter of an hour. Then pass the preparation, which you will let rest for at least two days. For the application, pour a little preparation on a cotton and brush the areas you want to brown. This natural self-tanner is removed with water. Be careful not to keep this preparation for more than seven days.

Carrot oil in her cream

To gradually tint your skin and look good all year round, add a drop of carrot oil in its usual moisturizer. It is then applied in the same way as usual. Luckily, carrot oil also has anti-wrinkle properties.

A full menu of beta-carotene

For a sunny, tan-free complexion, we say yes to foods full of beta-carotene, which will boost the tan. On our plate, we slipped carrots, always, apricots, melon, but also spinach, red peppers, parsley. To consume, we are full of inventiveness by preparing gaspacho, soups, salads or smoothies.

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