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8 Beauty Tricks From Your Kitchen

Do you know that there are lots of beauty natural ingredients hiding away in your own kitchen? Many women waste their money on commercial beauty products that are usually very expensive, while most beauty ingredients they needs are maybe already in their kitchen. Home-based beauty products are not only much cheaper than market bought ones, they as well don’t have any spiteful chemicals.

Here are some of the most beauty products available in your kitchen and handy for your beauty:

1 –      Honey

It is practically the rescuer for your skin. Honey works as a normal antiseptic, antifungal and an unbelievable humectant. Simply pure honey mingled with plain yoghurt, in equal proportions, makes an incredibly useful face mask.

2 –      Basil

Basil acts as a natural antiseptic and it helps too to boost the blood run to your face. You can use it to cure acne. Add some crushed up fresh basil leaves to a cup of almost boiling water. Once it’s cold, strain out the leaves and put the blend on your face.

3 –      Almonds

Use almonds as a face scrub by crushing some into a paste with a little of coconut oil and massage softly onto your face.  Wash with warm water for soft elastic skin.

4 –      Cinnamon

Combine some Cinnamon powder to your preferred lip-gloss to change it into a lip-plumper.  Use it to dry acne and scrub died and weary skin by a facial mask made of mixed honey and cinnamon.

5 –       Green tea

Once you want a natural and refreshing facial mist, use a little green tea. Just leave two green tea bags in cold water for some hours and move the tea to a scatter bottle. Green tea is also full of antioxidants.

6 –      Lemon

Lemon has a natural lightening effect on the skin. A tsp of sugar with a half lemon rubbed often on the knees, elbows and knuckles bleach the darkest of skins.

7 –      Eggs

Get rid of fine lines around your eyes with the white of an egg. Apply daily and leave until totally dried out and rinse with ice water. Applied on the face, eggs help also fight off wrinkles and to tighten sagging skin.


8 –      Olive Oil

Olive oil is an ideal moisturizer and skin protector from the damaging effects of sun and wind due to its natural acids and antioxidants. It will enhance, refresh, and strengthen your skin.

Making your skin beautiful is realizable without spending lot money. All natural products in your kitchen are easily available and hold no harsh, false chemicals. Look back over your kitchen right now.

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