8 Beauty Secrets That All Beautiful Girls Are Hiding

Today we’re sharing seven simple beauty secrets for each girl wanting to take care of her prettiness. These tips will have you appearing amazing while still getting you out of the house quickly! Enjoy.

1- Scrub Your Lips

Just like your body requires scrubbing, your lips do. Have a soft and great looking lipstick by getting rid of that arid, flaky skin on your lips. Just put in some lip balm to your lips and then softly exfoliate them with a clean toothbrush.

2- Look after Your Eyebrows

Look after your eyebrow so they don’t give you up. Maintain them trim and perfectly plucked but only from time to time so you don’t finish without eyebrows. Just apply a little castor oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil on your eyebrows and watch the results.

3- Dry Brush Your Skin before Bath

Dry brushing involves using a brush to gently brush your skin without any water; with a dry brush. Dry brushing has many health advantages, from improving your immune system, eliminating toxins to reducing cellulite.

4- Skip Shampoo

Shampoo your hair only once or twice a week because washing it daily and especially with any shampoo will strip some oil and dry your hair and scalp.

5- Contour to Create Dimension

The secret to reaching a chiselled celebrity-like face is to contour. With the correct contouring products depending on the shape of your face, you can immediately help your visage look to be more three-dimensional.

6- Avoid Makeup Remover, Use Lotion

If you’re out of makeup remover, use body lotion to throw away makeup. It works particularly well on tough mascara and makes your skin softer and shining.

7- Towel Dry the Right Way

Avoid rubbing your hair dry with your towel or you will end with a frizzing hair. As an alternative, before ending the shower softly squeeze surplus water from your hair. Then, enfold your hair in a towel and tap it dry to soak up any leftover wetness.

8- Exfoliate Once or Twice a Week

Scrub your skin to make it look brighter and clearer. Don’t hesitate to remove the dead skin cells by scrubbing once or twice a week. Use a mix of plain yoghurt and walnut powder.


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