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6 Tips for Overcoming Anger

Anger is a completely ordinary feeling, similar to happiness or panic. But when excessive and regular, it turns to a mental illness and can put you at risk for grave health troubles.

What does anger do?

  • Increase blood pressure
  • Raise stress
  • Cause digestive issues like ulcers, or make worse existing gastrointestinal conditions
  • Create muscle tension that deteriorates chronic pain, particularly low back pain

Once your anger has caused hurt to the people surrounding you, let the following anger management tips help you discover a new balance.

6 Tips for Anger Management

1- Think before you speak

In the top of the anger, it’s simple to shout something you’ll afterward be sorry for. Take your time to gather your thoughts and control your feelings before saying anything and let others in the thick of the situation to do the same.

2- Give yourself a pinch

Pinch yourself whenever you are angry. Admit that occasionally life is unjust and that occasionally the individual who is making you heated does the incorrect thing. But, don’t feed the fire with expressions such ad “always” or “never”.

3- Just breathe

Once you’re mad, the best thing to do is to breathe and take back control of yourself. Gradually breathe in and out. For example, you can use “the cooling breath” Yoga technique by rolling your tongue, breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose.

4- Observe yourself angry

The angry are usually proud of their anger. They usually feel a hot internal flame of complacency because of their actions. They think they’ve simply done something irregular, great and virtuous. This is not, certainly, how they are seen by others.

5- Do active listening

Repeat back what you heard in an attempt to validate you comprehend, and assert your partner’s emotions.

6- Work out at Lunch

Anger is likely to increase as the day progresses. By exercising at midday, you’ll free certain anxiety that’s aggravated in the morning at work.  Choose a type of workout that you take pleasure in and that helps to free daily stresses, in order to be less vulnerable to letting fury conquer you.

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