6 tips for oily skin

6 tips for oily skin

Tired of visible pores and shiny skin? Discover the tips of a natural care expert.

1/ Vegetable oils to remove makeup

“The makeup removal stage is very important for oily skin,” explains Geneviève Barraqué, an expert for Weleda. “Impurities that clog pores and create imperfections must be removed”. For this purpose, it is recommended to use non-comedogenic oils such as jojoba, hazelnut or papaya. The same composition as the sebum produced by the skin, they also make it possible to regulate its production.

2/ Floral glasses of water to tighten pores

The floral waters are ideal at the end of the cleansing process for oily skin since they will allow to get rid of oil residues while tightening pores, and thus limit the appearance of impurities. ‘We choose water based on lavender or rose, both plants are known for their astringent properties,’ confirms Geneviève Barraqué.

3/ moisturize lightly

No, just because your skin shines doesn’t mean it’s fed enough. So don’t skip that step. Some suitable elements include creams made from grapefruit or lavender. Once again, we must make sure that we use non-comedogenic products.

4/ Fruits to regulate sebum

Avocado, cucumber, and strawberry are the allies of oily skins. And not only on the plate. When applied in a mask, they reduce sebum production. “We can also opt for a green clay mask to fight against imperfections,” says Geneviève Barraqué.

5/ Erase but not just any way

“Contrary to what one might think, scrubs are not recommended for oily skin because they tend to excite the epidermis, which leads to an increase in sebum”. In these cases, it is recommended that an enzymatic scrub (without grain) be done every 15 days. For this, we can choose care based on fruits such as apricots.

6/ Zinc, the secret ally

To improve the condition and quality of your skin, do not hesitate to opt for zinc-based food supplements. This essential mineral for cellular respiration helps to fight excess sebum. You will also find zinc in oysters, sprouted seeds or whole bread. Do not hesitate to consume it!

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