6 beauty recipes for summer

6 beauty recipes for summer
6 beauty recipes for summer

It’s time to sublime your skin for this summer. The ideal? Fresh, relaxing and gourmet treatments to be carried out at home with the ingredients of your closets. Follow our advice step by step and enjoy these little moments of relaxation… it feels so good!

We propose you to realize:

A fruity and honey lip balm A rich care to use year-round to repair and soften your lips. If you mix the preparation with a lipstick of your choice, you get a tinted balm, perfect to get a bitten lip effect. Last tip before starting the recipe: if you are wilted from the shiny finishes, prefer castor oil to other vegetable oils.

A refreshing foot bath Nothing more relaxing than a good foot bath, especially after a long day of walking or working… It stimulates muscles and relieves sore and swollen feet. To prolong the treatment, you can apply a foot cream right after, when the pores of your skin are still dilated.

A soothing after-sun spray with aloe vera after a day at sea, when the skin is a little heated, apply this care to your whole body. It has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. You can also use it to help heal and relieve itching in case of irritation or insect stings.
Lemont summer, you prefer to clean your skin with water rather than cotton oil because it’s much more refreshing. This lemon mousse removes makeup and gently cleans the skin. You can use it daily, whether you have dry, mixed, normal or oily skin.

A detoxifying and anti-cellulite bath infusion Leaves aside hot and foaming baths for this anti-orange skin infusion! It reduces water retention and facilitates the elimination of toxins. It’s secret? diuretic plants such as ginger, rosemary, and thyme that stimulate blood circulation.
A body oil To take care of your skin after a long sunbath, nothing better than a dry body oil. In addition to hydrating and nourishing the epidermis, it calms itching, redness, and small burns. It contains jojoba oil, vitamin and aloe vera juice.

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