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5 Tooth Decay & Pain Home Remedies

It’s always terrible to wake up at midnight because of a sharp ache in your tooth? It’s more agonizing when there is no dentist to help you or any medicines at home. Because tooth pain starts without any warning signal; It’s important to be aware of some treatment you can apply at home to control the pain. Here are some of them.

1- Ginger And Garlic

Due to their high anti-inflammatory benefits, garlic and ginger are excellent to treat tooth decay. Take a branch of ginger and a few cloves garlic crushed with a little salt and apply to the affected parts many times a day. Garlic and ginger elements will aid lessen pain and restrain the development of cavities.

2- Sesame Oil

This method is commonly known as “oil pulling” consists of washing your teeth with sesame oil for 20 minutes. Applying this remedy will help you heal that painful tooth decay.

3- Cloves

Cloves are a very helpful element to treat tooth decay naturally that you may find in your kitchen. Cloves froze a toothache and dispose you of the decay due to their anti-bacterial benefits. Dab the blend of 3 drops of clove oil, ½ a tsp. of honey, and 2-3 drops of sesame oil in cotton and press to the damaged part for a few minutes. Apply this remedy continually and you will get an excellent result after a few days.

4- Lemon

Rich in vitamin C and due to their acidic feature, Lemons juice get rids of the microbes and relieves the ache caused by cavities. Chew on a segment of lemon for a few minutes. Then, wash your mouth with clean water carefully.

5- Wheat Grass Juice

Freshly extracted juice of wheatgrass is a superb liquid to wash your teeth. Wheat Grass Juice will dispose of the toxin existing in the dental cavity and the nearby gums. As a result, your pain will be diminished after applying it.

These home remedies give you a temporary treatment for teeth problems. So, you should consider visiting your dentist to get a real cure.

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