5 tips to get a healthy scalp

5 tips to find a healthy scalp
5 tips to find a healthy scalp

Just like the skin, the scalp can suffer and respond to many factors. Redness, itching and flaking may then appear. The solutions of the aromatherapist to quickly find a calmer scalp.

If you take care of your hair, we often forget that our scalp is also a sensitive area. External factors (temperature, humidity, UV, pollution …) have an effect on its state as some deficient diets.

During the menstrual cycle, it can also become more or less fat, more or less sensitive. Some antibiotics, as well as medications prescribed in certain chronic diseases can also unbalance it. It is important to ask your doctor when changes in the condition of the scalp are observed during treatment.

And we do not forget the colorings that contain irritating and allergenic molecules that may cause itching of the scalp. In short, our scalp is often abused. Aroma tips to forget the tingling and itching.

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