5 Tips to drink more often in the day

5 Tips to drink more often in the day
5 Tips to drink more often in the day

1.Take a gourd

Why a gourd? This allows us to fill it several times in the day without going through the distributor. In addition, it is a more ecological way to consume water. Finally, with patterns and different colors, the gourd becomes an accessory that gives more desire to drink water during the day.

2.Vary the pleasures

If the water does not inspire you much, nothing prevents you from giving it a little pep. You can add some fruits to flavor your water. And if you’re still not convinced by this trick, opt for drinks such as tea or fruit juice, better for health than coffee or soda.

3.Institute a ritual

Like a cigarette break or a coffee break you can set up a ritual to reach your 1.5 liters a day. By getting up for example you can start the day with a big glass of water. For the breaks of 10h and 16h, replace the coffee break with a glass of water. Gradually this will become a habit and you will come to consume more water.

4.Do not wait until you’re thirsty

If you wait to be thirsty you will never drink enough. You must not force yourself either. But start a routine little by little. Prefer small amounts of water during the day, no need to drink a liter of water in one go.

5.Follow his evolution with an app

There are applications that can track your daily water consumption: My Water, Water Tracker, Daily Water Consumption … This allows you to see your progress and follow your evolution in a meaningful way. An alarm can even be set up to remind you to drink regularly.

It is said to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. But this reflex of hydration is not automatic for everyone. Here are 5 tips for drinking more often in the day.

During the day it is important to hydrate well! This is essential to eliminate all waste from the body. Water is also a wellness asset for both our body and our skin. However, it is sometimes complicated in the day to think about hydrating regularly. Easy tips can help you reach your daily water intake.

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