5 Tips for finding the good tint lipstick ‘NUDE’


Finding the perfect shade of lipstick can take a long time: according to its complexion, the color of its eyes, its outfit … But more difficult than choosing between a cherry red or a bright red, there is the quest for red to “nude” lips. “First of all there is not a nude lipstick, but an infinity, which allows to customize according to the characteristics of each, and the desires of the moment,” says the makeup artist Sylvie Mainville. It jousts: “Common point for all: do not choose a too light shade, at the risk of appearing bland even pale”. Indeed, you choose it too clear and you will look sick. A shade too dark will give you a severe look.
“A look with a successful nude lipstick also goes through the texture: matte, satin, gloss …” says Sylvie Mainville. “That said, we will always prefer, on luscious lips, satin or gloss finishes, which will increase the volume by optical effect of the reflection of light”. Another advice from the professional, “to avoid the ill-defined effect that can be had by wearing a nude lipstick, we can use a nude lip pencil, to hem, and therefore slightly contrast the outline.” In practice, she recommends playing with light “by putting a hint of highliter on cupid’s bow”.

# 1 According to the color of her hair

For Sylvie Mainville, the good starting point is the hair that “will help find the right family of color”. She says: “Blondes can turn to rosés, browns and browns to beige to brown and red, beige with a hint of copper.”

# 2 Watch his veins

If your veins are rather green, it’s because your skin tone is in warm tones. So you need a lipstick “nude” that pulls to brown or orange. If you have blue veins, you have a cooler shade of complexion. At this point, turn to the pink “nude”.

# 3 Watch her nipples

Our nipples are, in general, two shades darker than our skin. By choosing a color that is close to it, you are certain that the agreement will be perfect. The nipples change color according to the periods of life but especially the month. So do not refer to the nuance of your nipples premenstrual period or ovulation.

# 4 Examine her skin tone

If you have fair skin or very white, bet on a very pale pink. To play even more, apply a gloss. Your skin is golden? In this case, the pink hues slightly orange or woody will go perfectly. Do not hesitate to choose an iridescent lipstick. For the matte skins, we will go on the shades of light brown, woody pink or beige. The black skins will go on caramel tones with warm reflections.

# 5 Rely on the hue of his natural lips

“It is necessary to refine the choice of the hue, by observing its hue of lips with the natural one, and to choose an approaching hue, a darker tone.If one hesitates between two hues, to take the darkest one. explains Sylvie Mainville. The latter adds that the secret lies in the tests! “Nothing like it to realize,” she says.

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