5 Tips for a nice mouth

5 Tips for a nice mouth
5 Tips for a nice mouth

Seductive asset, the mouth must be perfect in all circumstances. Some tips for irreproachable lips and well disguised.

Exfoliate and moisturize

For smooth lips, make a scrub once a week. There is adapted care for sale in commerce. If you do not have one, choose a very soft one because the skin of this zone is very fragile. You could cause more damage.
Remember to moisturize regularly your mouth, it will avoid the appearance of chapped skin. Apply a rich balm morning and evening to a minimum. The ideal is to have a stick in your purse to renew the operation several times a day.
Another tip: put a thick layer of balm or rich butter on your lips and let it in all night. When you wake up, remove the excess with a tissue. Your lips are soft and smooth and rid of dead cells.

Choosing the right lipstick

If you have thin lips, you can afford both. However, if you want to give an illusion of volume, opt for the gloss. The lipstick will have the advantage of better drawing the outline of your mouth. You have the chance to choose between a matte version and an iridescent or brilliant version. If you have fleshy lips, it is better to put dull lipstick. It will highlight the shape of your mouth without being vulgar unlike the gloss.

Choosing the right color of lipstick

The choice of the color of your lipstick is very important. It is done according to several criteria. Your complexion, the color of your hair, that of your eyes but also depending on the makeup of the rest of your face.
Nude to very light shades (from light beige to pastel pink) are suitable for all complexions. The deep reds will go perfectly to light browns, redheads and matt browns. The more sustained colors like fuchsia or orange, shades trend of the season, will go perfectly with the very clear complexions. Otherwise, there is a surefire method of placing the open tube close to your lips. If the color matches your complexion, your eyes and your hair, voila!
Tip: Do not forget the rule of not emphasizing lips if eye makeup is supported. To emphasize the look or the smile, it is necessary to choose.

Apply your lipstick

Start by redrawing the outline with a pencil of the same color as your lipstick for a natural rendering. Grab your red and color from inside to outside making sure not to overtake. For a better application, it is advisable to use a fine brush. Once this step is over, bite a tissue to remove the excess.
For a glamorous look, you can drop a lip gloss inside the lips. If your lipstick has drooled, do not fix it with makeup remover or with your finger. Apply a little foundation on it, it will remove all traces.

Fix the lipstick

You do not want to touch every half hour? Know that there are some professional techniques to keep the red longer. Before and after application, powder your lips. This helps to fix the color and make it last. For fans of the fast and efficient, you have the opportunity to buy long-wearing lipsticks. But be careful not to overuse because they tend to dry lips.

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