5 tips for a young face

5 tips for a less-experienced face
5 tips for a less-experienced face

The greyish complexion, dark circles marked … The pace of our lives, pollution, and poor nutrition are all reasons that give us a terrible face. How to erase the traces of fatigue that weigh on our face?
Because feeling beautiful, even when you’re exhausted, helps to find the energy and good mood. Fortunately, a few well-honed beauty gestures allow keeping beautiful skin until the evening.

The ritual of every morning: wake up and moisturize your skin

When you wake up, after a good night’s sleep, take care of your skin first. Clean it first with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water. After that, sprinkle your face with very cold water or a cool mist, more suitable for sensitive skin. This helps to stimulate blood circulation and thus regain a radiant complexion. Then, a place to hydration. To properly hydrate, choose a cream based on your skin type. It is also advisable to apply a serum in addition to the day cream. The goal is to boost the radiance and anticipate the slightest signs of fatigue that may appear throughout the day.

Anti-fatigue makeup: prepare your skin

When one is tired, preparing one’s skin is all the more important. To boost microcirculation, it is advisable to moisten a washcloth with hot water, apply a few seconds on the face before splashing fresh water. This restores peach and firmness to the face before applying its moisturizer. Another tip: always massage the skin from the center of the face outwards. This gesture will promote micro-circulation and cellular exchanges. It takes two seconds and costs nothing … And it’s a good habit to take all the time because it helps the skin age well.

Masks and care: a shine shoot

We make ourselves a mask to look rested. Stuffed with moisturizing and smoothing agents, these very fresh formulas smooth out the features and plump up the epidermis in a few minutes for an illusionistic baby-sided result. To draw the difficult mornings or before a mondanité.

Micellar water: the right make-up remover

A ritual of essential beauty, make-up removal requires your full attention. It must remove a maximum of impurities, such as pigments and sebum in excess of the skin. The gesture is simple: it applies, with cotton to cleanse the face … like the eyes. Another advantage of this product is that its sensitive skin formulation is suitable for the delicate areas around the eyes, while the surfactants provide effective cleaning to remove all traces of eye shadow or mascara.

The trick in addition: the remedies of grandmothers

It is known, the recipes of grandmothers, it never misses. For a less tired face, they recommend organic beauty tips such as the application of honey 2 to 3 times a week in the evening for 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

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