5 Steps to have clean skin

5 Steps to have clean skin
5 Steps to have clean skin

We stay in the theme detox post-festivities! After the recipe of vegetable detox broth, place a great classic beauty: skin cleansing. A must-have beauty gesture, easy to make at home, once a month in an integral way.

Still, need to know where to start, and what products to use … A small reminder of a fundamental beauty that some and some (yes, men are also concerned) tend to neglect …

Step # 1 skin cleansing: make-up removal

This is the essential gesture for a good skin cleansing. Using one to see two kinds of cotton to remove makeup, pour your cleansing milk, and remove makeup from your face (even if you do not wear makeup), starting with the neck, via gestures going up (never descendants) to the lower part of your face.
Then move to the chin and lower cheeks via movements from the middle of the face outwards (ie towards the bottom of the ears), then go back to the top of the lip, the wings of the nose and under the nose (too often forgotten this one) as well as the cheeks towards the middle of the ears to finally go up to the forehead, starting from the between two-eyes towards the skull, then eyebrows towards the top of the skull.

Then remove the eye makeup gently. You have just carried out a draining make-up remover, which contributes to the circulation of blood and lymph, ideal for regaining/maintaining the radiance of your complexion.

To complete your makeup remover (and remove remaining fat), it is recommended to use a cleansing lotion after your cleansing care, especially for combination to oily skin (essential step). We recommend the Josiane Laure Bio Face Lotion, with extracts of witch hazel and aloe vera, to perfect the makeup removal before starting the next step.
A stage to do every night, before bedtime.

Skin Cleansing Step # 2: Scrub

A good skin cleansing would not be without the crucial step of the scrub, which allows (for a reminder):

Smooth the skin,
Eliminate the cells and dead skin of the face,
Reoxygenate the tissues,
Drain the toxins and restart the circulation (if the movements are carried out in the ascending direction),
Toning the skin,
Lighten and sublimate the radiance of the complexion.

So many properties that allow the skin of your face to better assimilate the benefits of the care that you apply.

How to perform a good facial scrub? With which product?

There is a tiny amount of scrubs. Some are grain, others are gumming (peels); the fine-grained scrubs allow light and gentle exfoliation so far enough if exercised once a week, not to irritate the skin. Peelings (which dry when dried) are more “superficial” and often more irritating. It is particularly the scrubs that we will use in the context of skin cleansing.

Once your skin perfectly cleansed and dry, apply a good walnut scrub on your face, starting from the neckline and neck (not to be forgotten), going back to the lower part of the face, then the top of the lips, the nose, cheeks, forehead and between eyes. Do not perform exfoliating movements yet!

Leave it! In parallel of what, prepare a bowl of hot water (kettle) in which you will pour 2 drops of essential oil of your choice, according to your type of skin:

Normal, dry or mature skin: rosewood, geranium or lavender.
Mixed, oily or acne skin: thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon or tea tree.

Sit comfortably for 10 minutes on a table, head over the bowl, covered with a large towel.

Once the bowl of steam is done, then go into the bathroom, to start the light and gentle exfoliation of your face. Follow the ascending direction of the neckline, towards the neck, towards the lower part (where you will leave the middle of the face to go towards the ears) then the middle of the face and finally the forehead (follow the protocol of draining cleansing). Make 3 passes on each zone, on each side.

You will notice the color and the quantity of “small skins” that you will remove from your face! Your skin is soft and radiant.

Here are our favorite organic face scrubs:

Les Cabines Blanches organic facial scrub, with sea water and witch hazel, remineralizes tissues, refines skin texture and tightens pores. All skin types. Suitable for pregnant women.

Josiane Laure gentle face scrub, formulated with purifying essential oils and bamboo marrow extract. A detox facial, ideal for dull, combination to oily skin or acne.

Step # 3 Skin Cleansing: Blackheads and Blackheads

Then rinse with warm water, gently remove the blackheads and comedones with two handkerchiefs (and clean hands).

Spray Josiane Laure soothing organic lotion to soothe the redness of the cleansing, before applying a remineralizing mask corresponding to your skin type.

Skin Cleansing Step # 4: The Mask

After the effort, comfort! Apply a mask for 10 to 15 minutes, matching the needs of your skin.

Here are our favorite face masks:

Organic clay masks Josiane Laure, white clay recognized for its purifying properties, associated with vegetable oil of argan and sesame, in addition to acerola, rich in vitamin C. A face mask detox, purifying and antioxidant.

Revitalizing draining mask organic Les Cabines Blanches, with algae and gingko biloba extracts, detoxifying and remineralizing, for dull and tired skin. Suitable for pregnant women.

Moisturizing hydration masks Les Cabines Blanches, with extracts of algae, sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E, to remineralize, plump and deeply hydrate the face. For normal, dry or mature skin. Ideal care in winter. Suitable for pregnant women.

Skin Care Step # 5: Care

After removing the mask with lukewarm water, go again a little soothing lotion Josiane Laure (to remove the lime from the face), especially for sensitive skin. Then apply the serum and care of your choice, organic or natural, so as not to hinder the work of oxygenation.

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