5 Secrets to make up your tired eyes

5 Secrets to make up your tired eyes
5 Secrets to make up your tired eyes

Stress, long days and too short nights leave their mark on our face. Here are the 5 best tips to refresh the look.

1. Blur the dark circles

Apply the concealer or illuminator with your fingertips by gently dabbing. Insist on the inner corner and then blend out.

2. Choose soft tones

Reddened by fatigue, the eyes only support neutral shades, such as off-white, pale pink or beige. Avoid colors containing red (some brown or plum tones). Yes to matte, not to pearly, which catch the light. Erase the red edge of the eye with a kohl pencil, white if your eyes are light, black if they are dark.

3. Mitigate the pockets

Difficult to delete them. Rebalance the volumes instead: put a little pen illuminator underneath to soften the effect “hump”. Do not force on eye makeup and use very soft colors first, like a powdery pink. Or emphasize the lips by daring a real red that will brighten the entire face and forget your eyes.

4. Retouch your eyebrows

Start by placing a pencil vertically along the outer corner of the eye. At the point where he reaches the eyebrow, the light will come to nestle to light the eye. Just treat a few hairs at this level, while respecting your natural line, to draw the eye up and wake up the look.

5. Smooth your eyelids

Under the effect of fatigue, the production of sebum increases and the shadows applied on the eyelids spin in the folds. To avoid this, apply an eye shadow that unifies and permanently sets the makeup. In case of big fatigue, do not hesitate to put the base as a make-up. Impeccable result until the evening!

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