5 Questions to Kim Kardashian’s skincare expert

5 Questions to Kim Kardashian's skincare expert
5 Questions to Kim Kardashian's skincare expert

In 2013, Barbara Sturm, a Swiss-born esthetic doctor practicing in the United States, became a star in spite of herself. On Instagram, one of her patients posts her “facial vampire” treatment (consisting of injecting her own blood on her face for anti-aging effects). The publication is loved by more than 149K people. And for good reason, the patient in question is none other than Kim Kardashian. Since then, the most popular celebrities have appeared with the expert’s products on the net, from Bella Hadid to Alessandra Ambrosio to Hailey Bieber. This autumn, the brand landed at Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris. On occasion, we met the skin care specialist. Interview.

Why did you launch your brand of care?

Dr. Barbara Sturm. I am a doctor with a doctorate in orthopedics. I adapted some scientific research in a more aesthetic approach and I started to develop my brand Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics with a single product, made-to-measure, for my patients in 2002. When I was looking for good care, It was frustrating that there was nothing to help my skin with hydration, pimples, and dryness so I decided to create a cream that would solve all these problems. In the end, all my patients started using my cream and asked me to develop other products. A few years later, I marketed my first range. I left to treat my skin and I ended up making products for my patients, for my family, for dark skin, acne or with hyperpigmentation … Today, I want to take care of all my skin.

How did you become the expert beautiful skin of the stars?

Dr. Barbara Sturm. In 2002, in my office, I started doing Botox injections and creating a treatment with the help of Harvard, Pittsburgh, and other teachers. This treatment, also known as “blood facial”, uses derived proteins found in the blood and acts on inflammation of the skin, loss of elasticity and collagen. What is interesting when you put passion and quality into what you do is that people come to you. Quality always succeeds.

Has our way of taking care of our skin changed in recent years?

Dr. Barbara Sturm. Yes. I think twenty years ago I would have been happy with a simple face cream. Today, we want to have several sera and think of other things. We pay attention to pollution, sunscreen, exfoliation, cleaning … There is a more conscientious vision of the overall care routine.

Some experts advocate layering, the fact of using much care in everyday life. Others, on the contrary, advocate a minimalist routine. What is your opinion ?

Dr. Barbara Sturm. A good routine care meets different needs and each skin is different. But in general, the needs are: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, nourish, bring new ingredients and new nutrients to the skin.

What are the most common mistakes in skincare?

Dr. Barbara Sturm. The misuse of irritating acids or exfoliating products; very simple things like not removing makeup before going to bed or going to the beach without reapplying sunscreen after each swim; eat too much sugar (which often plays a major role in imperfections); mix too many different brands (and therefore different ingredients).

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