4 Techniques to wake up less tired in the morning 

Getting up seems as painful as moving a piano? It is time to take things in hand to offer you morning singing. Yes, even on Mondays!
Determine your chronotype

We are not all the same and we are not all working on the same model. It's valid in life and for sleep too. To determine which profile corresponds to us in terms of recovery, you can do a test, the Bio-Time Quiz. Developed by Dr. Michael Breus in his book Quand, he can determine his chronotype. Are you dolphin, lion, bear or wolf? Depending on the result, you will know what time you wake up and how to distribute your naps and fat mornings. With a suitable rhythm, you will wake up more rested. But beware, it will not come right away. Wait a few weeks to see the result.

Let natural light act

The body is made to naturally wake up and get into action with the light of day. If you have trouble getting up in the morning, go to bed with the shutters and curtains open. Thus, the sun will do its work on your body and you will be woken up gradually. If the sunrise time is not close to the one you want to get up to, then set on a dawn simulator. This alarm clock with a lamp will simulate, as its name suggests, the sunrise. Effective to wake up gently.
Plan your sports sessions skillfully
Have a HIIT session after 18h: bad idea. It boosts the body and does not give it time to go down in intensity. As a result, you put hours to sleep and in the morning you are slammed. Ideally, leave your sessions more cardio and intense on the hour of the dj, or more widely between 10h and 18h. In the morning, you can also practice an intense activity, but it is not necessary either that you break in the morning (swimming, rowing, running on a small distance ...). In the evening, bet instead on gentle activities (yoga, pilates) or with very little cardio.
Trust a connected watch and / or mattress
If one wakes up heavy eyelids and loose body, it is often because the alarm has sounded during a phase of deep sleep. As the duration and timing of the phases vary each night, it is impossible to determine in advance the time you will be in the light sleep phase to set the time of the alarm. The solution ? Stalking and analyzing sleep with a connected watch and mattress. These tools perceive according to our movements and our heart rate the phase in which we find ourselves. It is enough to note the maximum hour at which one wishes to be awake and to determine a margin during which the apparatus to wake us up. For example if you have to get up at 7am, you can tell the watch or the mattress that he or she can wake us between 6:30 and 7am depending on the most suitable sleep phase.

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