4 Ingredients replace the toothpaste?

4 Ingredients replace the toothpaste?
4 Ingredients replace the toothpaste?

Did you just find out you forgot to take your toothpaste? Don’t worry, you’re not going to miss out on your oral hygiene today. Here are some tips to help you if you forget your toothpaste.


It is not known, but salt or baking soda can temporarily replace toothpaste. They certainly don’t have the mint taste or texture of conventional toothpaste, but they clean teeth very well. Use coarse salt or table salt, but the best is to use sea salt for your oral hygiene. Wet your toothbrush a bit, put a small amount of salt or baking soda on it and brush your teeth as usual. Salt and baking soda are a bit abrasive, so do not hesitate to dilute the salt or baking soda first before placing it on your toothbrush. You will then have clean and white teeth.

Salt also has healing and disinfecting properties and also contains fluorine, perfect for your mouth! You can also do regular mouthwashes with salt water to improve your oral hygiene. The use over a long period of salt or baking soda can attack your teeth because of their strong abrasive power.


This is a true grandmother’s recipe that may seem a bit far-fetched: it is quite possible to brush your teeth with a ripe strawberry.Crush the strawberry, spread it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Your teeth will be clean and look brighter.

Another trick when you have forgotten or have more toothpaste is to use Marseille soap. Very effective, Marseille soap will clean your teeth and clean your mouth. Rub your moistened toothbrush on Marseille soap and brush your teeth normally.

Coconut oil also has infinite properties, including its use as toothpaste. Coconut oil does not just clean teeth, antibacterial and fungicide, it simply purifies the mouth.


It is quite possible to do without toothpaste. In your oral hygiene, the most important thing is the action of brushing your teeth using your toothbrush. Using your toothbrush on its own without using toothpaste remains the most effective.


To wash your teeth, gums, disinfect and remove toxins from your mouth, do an oil rinse. Use a small amount of vegetable oil (olive oil, coconut oil, grape seeds, etc.), then spin it for 15 to 20 minutes in your mouth before spitting it out.

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