3 Tricks that really work to eliminate pimples in the back

3 Tricks that really work to eliminate pimples in the back
3 Tricks that really work to eliminate pimples in the back

So difficult to eradicate on the face, we would be fine with those who squat our back … So how to say goodbye to these unwanted buttons? Follow the guide.

Difficult to hide, these nasty pimples can appear without warning in the back and become really annoying everyday. But did you know that a few small changes in your routine could help eliminate them?

To know: if there is only one button red and white, painful to the touch, it is surely a boil, frequent at the teenager – learn how to cure a boil!

1 / Preserve your cosmetics back

Some body products can be comedogenic, and are likely to play in the creation of acne pimples. Massage oils, a moisturizer or sun cream, and even the shampoo or conditioner used … it can work against you!

First tip, when you wash your hair and apply a mask or a conditioner, make sure to put them on the side, on one of your shoulders. Thus, the material and shampoo residues will not risk to remain on the skin of the back and create imperfections.

In summer, choose quick-drying or ultra-light sunscreens with a good degree of protection: they will not stay on the epidermis long enough to clog the pores.

2 / Do not forget to wash your back

It may sound stupid but … do you wash your back well? Zone slightly difficult to access, however do not forget! Treat it as if it were part of your face, especially if you are prone to acne. Take the time to exfoliate with a scrub that is not too aggressive for the body, then wash it with your daily shower gel or mild soap. Rinse thoroughly so that no residue remains from the exfoliant, soap or shampoo.

If you play sports, never skip the shower, even if you feel like you have not perspired. The particles of sweat, mixed with the friction of the clothes on the skin do not mix well, and can create small inflammations which turn into buttons.

3 / Watch what you eat

And yes, we know that eating too much fat can affect the quality of the skin and the multiplication of imperfections. Try to eat balanced and above all, limit the intake of dairy products. Indeed, milk, yogurt, cheese … can unfortunately cause pimples. No question of eliminating everything of course, but if you are used to consume a lot, it may be an explanation to your nasty buttons.

Finally, do you say that the appearance of acne in the back can also be genetic: thank you dad, thank you mom. In this case, try cleansing cosmetics and non-irritating recommended by your dermatologist for your back, to fight against pimples without attacking the epidermis.

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