3 Tips to run (almost) like the pros

3 Tips to run (almost) like the pros
3 Tips to run (almost) like the pros

The running, more fun when it is called “running” has attracted many people in recent years. Simple physical preparation for some, a real sporting challenge for others, it requires two or three knowledge stories not to end up crawling on the ground and begging a charitable soul to take you to the nearest hospital.

How to spare his horse?

Pay special attention to the choice of shoes. A good pair may be an investment, but it will save you pain in your back, knees, ankles, and feet. Running shoes have a lot of features that set them apart from every day sneakers. They are reinforced in some places, do not imprison the ankle, offer insoles that cushion the “blows” on the ground …

In case of injury, do not force and do not hesitate to consult your doctor to prevent the pain from getting worse.

If you are a seasoned sportsman, running will not pose any particular problem. However, if you have crossed the last decade without practicing any sports activity, the first meters may be painful. Start by running in stages: you run for five minutes, you walk for five minutes, you run, you walk … and you keep this rhythm over a period of fifteen to twenty minutes. Be proud, you have just run your first kilometers!

Will run away the one that will breathe the best

The pet peeve is obviously the point aside. It does not always force you to stop, but if you start, it may demotivate you or make you believe that you are not made to run. To avoid this catastrophe, run by standing upright, looking away (which means, not on your feet!) And nudging deeply through the nose and mouth Blow slowly, through the nose and mouth, while returning your belly to the maximum. With practice, you will adapt your breathing to your needs and you will see that there are almost as many ways to breathe as runners!

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