3 Tips to detoxify your body in 24 hours

3 Tips to detoxify your body in 24 hours
3 Tips to detoxify your body in 24 hours

After the parties and evenings rich in excess, here is the time to recover in beauty with an effective mini program. Three beneficial steps to “clean up” the body in a matter of hours.

Short nights, sugar overdose, excess of rich foods and drinks of all kinds… The holidays leave their mark. The complexion is blurred, the mind fogged, the digestion saturated… A mini detox cure is required. Without being a miracle solution, it certainly has the ability to soothe the digestive system, boost the body and clarify our body and mind. It is not necessary to impose a long and tedious cure. A 24-hour parenthesis, during a weekend for example, already allows us to regain vitality. There are three pillars to overall well-being: recovery, nutrition, and care.


In a healthy and cool room, you don’t miss a good night’s sleep. For once we forget the awakening and give our body time to recover from excesses with restorative sleep. During the day, we listen to our bodies and take a nap if the need arises. You can enjoy cocooning moments with a bath with essential oils: chamomile or marjoram to relax. A gentle scrub is performed to make new skin and reactivate the blood circulation.


Efforts to focus on relaxation of the body and oxygenation of the blood are avoided. We wake up our bodies gently and release them from tension. Yoga session with a sun salutation, stretching, twisting, or walking outdoors… Movement is one of the best ways to eliminate toxins. Moreover, it also has a positive impact on sleep. Nausea, migraines, indigestion, one overcomes these ills by humans of the essential oil of peppermint deposited on a handkerchief. Its freshness has the advantage of freeing the airway and stimulating the nerve center.


You rehydrate your body as soon as you wake up with a glass of fresh water or a glass of warm lemon water with ginger, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil (known for its anti-oxidant properties, rich in essential fatty acids and good for cardiovascular health). We make a full breakfast with energy tea instead of coffee. During the day, light drinks (green juice) and three or four light and invigorating small meals are served in which you prefer the natural, fresh fruit bowl, oilseeds, fried vegetables, broth or soup…

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