3 Miracle Beauty Recipes with Argan Oil

3 Miracle Beauty Recipes with Argan Oil
3 Miracle Beauty Recipes with Argan Oil

A real liquid gold, argan oil is a beauty secret that Berber women pass from mother to daughter. Very popular at the moment, this precious oil now appears in our creams, mascaras, and other cosmetic products. We offer you 3 beauty recipes to enjoy the benefits of argan oil.


Thanks to its restructuring properties, argan oil is particularly effective in nourishing and softening the epidermis. This vegetable oil is also extra against acne scars, cracks, and burns. Rich in antioxidants, it restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin and thus fights against the signs of skin aging. An anti-aging minute mask? It’s never too early (or too late) to help your skin regenerate!

Mix two tablespoons of white clay with a little rose water to make a thick paste. Add a large spoonful of argan oil and two drops of rose essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well. Then apply this mask on a clean, dry face, avoiding the eye contour. Let sit for ten minutes and clean your face with warm water. Finish this ritual with a cotton cloth soaked in jasmine (or rose) water to tone and refresh your skin. Argan oil and rose essential oil stimulate cell renewal and promote the oxygenation of the epidermis.

White clay gently cleanses and purifies the epidermis. Small tip, you can add a few drops of argan oil in your night cream to prolong the benefits of this mask.


Argan oil is excellent for your nails, especially if they are soft or brittle. It strengthens and embellishes them. Just mix it with a few drops of lemon essential oil to make a strenuous bath. Your hands should be clean and your nails should not be varnished. Dip your fingers in this mixture and let it work for 30 minutes. Then gently massage your hands to feed them. Thanks to the richness of argan oil in vitamin E, this bath will also be very effective to soften the cuticles. A treatment to be done once or twice a week before going to bed. Result: reinforced nails and soft hands without going through the manicure box!


A true fortifying treatment, argan oil does wonders on dull and devitalized hair. Feel free to add a few drops to your shampoo. It gives them flexibility, radiance and shines to your hair. It can be used in an oil bath as after the shampoo to comb. To make the most of its benefits, you have been concocted an oriental hair mask to realize in no time!

Neutral (dyeless) henna is diluted in hot water to obtain a thick mass, then argan oil is added. If your hair is very dry, you can enrich this mask with honey, agave syrup or even plain yogurt. Apply the strand by strand from the roots to the tips. Massage your scalp to distribute the product and then make the bun. Then wrap your hair with a plastic wrap and let sit for an hour (or more). Rinse your hair well with warm water then use a soft shampoo. This mask sheds the hair fiber and nourishes your hair in depth. Ideal for fine hair, it gives them a maximum volume. It is not for nothing that it is called the miraculous oil!

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