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3 Benefits of black soap for the body!


Black soap is the essential natural for the skin, the home, and even the garden. Here are 7 practical tips to use it at home.
Black soap is a pasty and oily base, useful for both the skin and the home. With a small detail: there are two kinds of black soap.

Not a black soap, but two forms of black soap
To enjoy all the benefits of black soap, it is first necessary to distinguish two types. The black body soap also called cosmetic black soap is the soap in the form of grain-free dough, vegetable and oily, which will be mainly used for the body. While household black soap, liquid or pasty, will clean everything from floor to ceiling in the house, such as maintaining the garden.

The black toilet or cosmetic soap is prepared from a mixture of oil and black olives crushed and macerated in salt and potash. Just like Aleppo soap, cosmetic black soap is a very pleasant natural product that offers multiple benefits for the skin of the body and face.

In terms of price, for a 100% natural organic soap, count for example about ten euros 200 grams.
Caution: do not confuse black body soap and black soap (often) liquid, which serves as a multi-purpose cleaner for the home. Some may contain chemical additives, it is best not to use the household black soap on the body.

Black soap preserves our epidermis:

Our epidermis is covered with a hydrolipid film that preserves good skin health. Throughout the day, everyone secretes sweat and sebum. It is these secretions that make our skin not only satiny, soft and supple but also a cutaneous pH of 5, pH scale ranging from 0 to 14.
The soft soap: benefactions for the body

1. He exfoliates effectively body and face!

Rich in vitamin E, this type of soft soap has moisturizing and exfoliating properties in spite of the absence of grain. Very used in North Africa, this soft soap so serves to eliminate the dead cells and the toxin, to cleanse the skin.

Among the main benefactions of the soft soap for the body, thus there is unsurprisingly an exfoliating scrub. He excels in the exfoliation and the abolition of the dead cells and the impurities, the skin of the body and the face. It is enough to apply the soft soap by emulsifying him, and by taking care of avoiding eyes and lips. Let act 10 minutes, then rinse while erasing with a massage glove. Guaranteed soft and clear skin!

2. He washes the skin quite smoothly!

Black soap is so soft that it can be used daily as a shower gel. To do this, it must first be diluted in water, then it can be used as a classic shower gel. Be careful though, if you want to keep your black soap as long as possible, and especially for everyday use, remember to put it in a plastic box in the refrigerator so it doesn’t dry out.

Use black soap for the shower
1. In a bowl of water, add two tablespoons of black soap and mix.
2. Take a warm shower to relax the skin.
3. Apply black soap everywhere avoiding the eye contour.
4. Leave for about 3 to 4 minutes while massaging.
5. Rinse thoroughly.
6. Rub in circular movements with a pre-wet Kessa glove.
7. Rinse it again.

3. An excellent anti-wrinkle

Black soap also preserves the epidermis, moisturizes it in depth and thus constitutes an excellent anti-wrinkle thanks to its hydrolipidic film that will definitely preserve the good health of your skin. To enjoy the anti-wrinkle benefits of black soap, you will simply have to apply it daily on your skin for 5 minutes, then rinse with clear water.

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