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12 Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Your psychological health impacts how you think, feel, and act in everyday life. Mental health is the key to how you manage stress, rise above defies, construct relationships, and get well from life’s hinders and sufferings. Improve your psychological health and your happiness will follow. Here’s how to rest your mind.

1- Say goodbye to depression by beginning your day with a cup of co­ffee or green Tea.

2- Plan a getaway for up to 8 weeks to boost up your overall happiness.

3- Do what you’re good at to have self-confidence, and after that engage in a hard task. 

4- Have a good night’s sleep in a 60˚ to 67˚ Fahrenheit room’s temperature.

5- Give love and you will receive love. Be close to those you love is a key for a happy, healthy life.

6- Improve your alertness and intelligence by enjoying a couple pieces of dark chocolate every day. 

7- Keep your good memories including your achieved and unaccomplished goals in a diary.

8- Take a break from your smart phone for a day and enjoy doing something fun with someone in person.

9- Dance or song while you do your housework to decrease the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), and raise endorphins (the body’s “feel-good” chemicals).

10- Rest in a warm bathtub once a week.

11- Enjoy time with your pet. This lessens the stress hormone – cortisol, and amplifies oxytocin – which encourages the feelings of happiness.

12- Improve your remembrance, reasoning abilities and reaction time with the workout for 30 minutes every day.






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