10 tips to stop smoking without getting fat

10 tips to stop smoking without getting fat
10 tips to stop smoking without getting fat

You have decided to stop smoking, but do you apprehend weight gain? Rest assured, it is possible to limit the damage! Here are some tips for throwing away your pack without getting angry with your scale.

  1. Pay more attention to your diet
  2. Forget the sweet products
  3. Relativize weight gain, it does not last!
  4. Play sports
  5. walk
  6. Take care of your mouth without nibbling
  7. Drink a lot of water
  8. Do not skip breakfast
  9. Get help
  10. Use nicotine substitutes

Quitting smoking is essential to your health, you know it. But you also know that this may be at the expense of your line. We can not deny it: when you stop smoking, you will inevitably take a few pounds if you do not pay attention. The reasons are multiple. On the one hand, the cigarette is an effective appetite suppressant, on the other hand, nicotine can burn fat. Finally, someone who stops smoking finds a stronger sensitivity to tastes and smells. This is necessarily accompanied by a revival of appetite … However, this weight gain is not inevitable and a third of people who stop smoking do not gain weight a few tips can help not to take extra pounds.

Pay more attention to your diet

Now that you have quit smoking, you need to be more careful about having balanced menus. Do not force products that are too fat or too sweet. Do not neglect vegetables and fresh fruits. If necessary, consult a nutritionist who will advise you on personalized menus. At the table, avoid refilling yourself and leave the table quickly after finishing eating, so you limit the temptation.

However, this is not the time to start a regime too strict. Withdrawal is a stressful time for your body, do not add. Instead, adopt a varied and balanced diet.

Forget the sweet products

In the days and weeks after smoking cessation, former smokers usually throw themselves on sweet products. Banish your closets chocolate bars, cookies, and other bars. On the other hand, place a cup of fresh fruit at your fingertips. To help you, do not go shopping hungry and make a list that you follow to avoid cracking on products that are too fat or too sweet on the shelves.

Relativize weight gain, it does not last!

Weight gain usually occurs in the first three months. And if smoking cessation causes an average gain of 3.8 kg in women, and 2.8 kg in men, many of them regain their starting weight in the twelve months following the judgment.

Play sports

Remember to burn calories intensively while practicing sports. Choose a discipline in which you have the opportunity to have fun (friendlies, competition.). If you go for jogging, do not run alone. Join a club where you will feel more supported. In any case, the resumption of a sport allied to your smoking cessation will clean your lungs. You will rediscover the joys of breathing!


If you do not have the courage to join a sports club, increase your daily expenses! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. By metro or bus, get off at the station before your destination and walk the rest of the way. For short distances, leave the car at the garage and walk.

Take care of your mouth without nibbling

In the first few weeks, you can use oral food substitutes (chewing gum, candy without sugar). But stop quickly, not to acquire new bad habits. Above all, do not snack between meals! You would fall into an infernal spiral in which you are going to devour more and more appetizers and sweets. If you fall, choose imperatively fruits.

Drink a lot of water

Try to drink more than usual, at least 2 liters of water a day. Preferably, consume this water between meals. On the other hand, lift your feet on drinks that make you want to smoke: coffee, alcohol (which is also very sweet).

Do not skip breakfast

Have a more substantial breakfast after you stop smoking. For example, take bread or cereals with yogurt, fruit and a drink (tea, herbal tea). This will allow you to avoid the cravings of the late morning.

Get help

If you feel that you have trouble keeping, do not hesitate to get help. Dietary management from the beginning of smoking cessation avoids unnecessary pounds. So supported, you will not be obsessed with the fear of getting fatter. Again, do not just go for a diet too strict: to want to restrict you on all the tables you could crack!

Use nicotine substitutes

It has been shown in one study * that the use of gums can help reduce weight gain after stopping smoking. And more precisely, the results seem proportional to the dose consumed. Women who used more gums gained less weight than women who used little or none (1.3 kg after 12 weeks vs. 3.4 kg). Precious help! Indeed, nicotine intake will help to fight against the sensation of lack and thus limit snacking that aims to offset cravings. In addition, these substitutes make it possible to prolong the effects of nicotine on metabolism Since April 20, 2018, nicotine substitutes have been reimbursed by Social Security.

Stopping smoking and weight gain: pay attention to received ideas!

Some common misconceptions about weight gain at the time of quitting are stubborn and may discourage you from doing so, yet they are wrong. Among them, we find:

Quitting smoking is necessarily synonymous with weight gain: it’s wrong! One-third of smokers who decide to stop will not gain weight after weaning.
When we stop smoking, we gain a lot of weight: again, it’s wrong. On average, stopping smoking takes 3 to 4 kg. Some people take only one, others more, others still not at all, there is no rule.
To avoid getting fat, it is necessary to associate weaning to a draconian diet: especially not! It would be too much stress and too strict a framework, we adapt his diet but it is fun by eating varied and balanced foods without starving.

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