10 tips to have beautiful eyelashes

10 tips to have beautiful eyelashes
10 tips to have beautiful eyelashes

Eyelashes play a key role in the beauty of our eyes and the balance of the face. But they are fragile and require special care. How to grow eyelashes, cleanse them well, strengthen and sublimate? The answer in 7 pro tips to have beautiful eyelashes.

Rule n°1:

to remove the lashes every night The day (or evening) was long, and the temptation to skip this step before bedtime is strong? Do not give in, otherwise your eyelashes will look gray. Sleeping with its mascara weakens, makes them brittle, and promotes their fall. Not to mention that you expose your eyes to risks of infection (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, etc.) by letting them marinate in makeup.

Rule n°2:

to remove make-up gently Above all, you never rub your eyelashes, on pain of seeing them become scarce over the weeks. The right gesture: gently apply a soaked side of makeup remover on each of your eyes, and count (slowly) to 10. The contact of the product with the eyelashes and eyelid dissolves the makeup, which is then absorbed by the cotton. Gently slide from the root to the ends to remove excess product. If necessary, renew twice. Use a different cotton for each eye.

Rule n°3:

pamper your eyelashes with the right products You can use your usual cleansing milk or lotion … unless you feel tingling in the eyes after being cleansed, use waterproof products, or if you notice that makeup removal is not perfect. The pros advise however to choose a special makeup remover, specially formulated not to attack this delicate area. In order to leave your eyelashes well hydrated, we recommend a two-phase makeup remover, half-oil and half-water, which you will recognize with its “bigout” look. We love the soothing blueberry makeup remover from Klorane, which gets rid of the sturdiest mascaras, or Avène’s intense make-up remover. Finish removing make-up with a thermal water spray that will eliminate greasiness. If you wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, choose a make-up remover formulated for optimal tolerance, such as the Roche Posay Physiological Eye Make-Up Remover.

Rule n°4:

Stimulate the growth of eyelashes Good news for those who dream of lashes longer and provided, you can boost their growth. For this, start a course of yeast capsules, rich in vitamin B, and complete with serum massage on the eyelashes in the evening morning and evening. We love the global revolving care of the eyelash and eyebrow imagined by Embryolisse, which stimulates their growth in 28 days, and applies before your usual mascara. Filorga offers a two-in-one effect with its Optimal Eyelash and Eyebrow for eyelashes and eyebrows. We apply morning and evening a serum and a sheathing care that strengthens and stimulates our eyelashes for a visible result after a few weeks.  

Rule n°5:

Castor oil, best friend of healthy eyelashes Those who prefer natural methods can also opt for a castor oil massage treatment. Very rich in fatty acids, this oil nourishes the eyelashes in depth and promotes their growth and their density. Every night for six to eight weeks (yes, it will have to hold!), Apply castor oil to the base of your eyelashes: either on the finger – with clean hands of course, or cotton swab, or with a brush clean mascara that you soak in castor oil. You massage from root to tip to soak the lashes, and you let the assets act all night. Guaranteed effects … but it will be patient!

Rule n ° 6:

Put down your mascara to sublimate your lashes Enhance the curvature of your eyelashes by applying your mascara from the roots to the ends with “z” movements. The product is better distributed and the eyelashes are well sheathed. Press gently on the brush as if you wanted to close the eye to accentuate the curvature. Iron a second layer without waiting until the first is dry to avoid the effect “package”. The day promises to be long and you worry that your mascara shows signs of weakness? Apply a layer of waterproof mascara over your usual mascara for a flawless look.  Read also: Full blush on sensitive skin.

Rule n ° 7:

Make a beauty treatment of eyelashes from the inside It also works its capital “eyelashes” from the inside by focusing on foods that participate in the growth and regrowth of eyelashes. Naturopaths recommend eating foods rich in B vitamins and essential amino acids. Brewer’s yeast, sprouted seeds, pulses, offal, mushrooms, spirulina, quinoa, buckwheat … you’re spoiled for choice. All you have to do now is tweak your make-up techniques, and gazelle eyes.

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