10 Sports that make a hot body

10 Sports that make a hot body
10 Sports that make a hot body

Want to get back on your feet, feel comfortable in your body and get back into the sport? Great idea! But what are the disciplines that really sculpt a hot body? The top 10 of our coach Séverine Jacinto.

These sports gird, tone and muscle the body without deforming or brutalizing it. By being assiduous, you will get a harmonious, feminine, sexy and above all, healthier body!


A complete sport that makes different muscle groups work by varying the swims. It involves cardio and the whole body. Be careful not to swim only the breaststroke with the head out of the water (“my style”) because this position accentuates the chamber at the level of the lower back and cups the cervicals.


In general, this sport is only done with the weight of the body or with nice little accessories (like a swiss ball). These disciplines vary in intensity and combine relaxation and muscle building. The emphasis is on harmonizing the musculature, with particular attention to the “center”, that is to say, the abdominals and the pelvic floor. No big muscles, but a sculpted, slender body.


Salsa, classical dance, jazz, and many others, the dances are many and each can find its own style. Whether you like the rigor of classical dance or the sensuality of salsa, dance works the whole body harmoniously. Latin and oriental dances are good for abdominals because they are the obliques that will help you stir your ass Shakira way. The classical dance will strengthen your posture, flexibility and you will gain a high head port.


It is a new sport in fashion in recent years. Adopted by many stars, he may, however, frighten some with his “contortionist” side, which we tend to lend him. Combined with controlled breathing techniques, yoga acts on the body and mind, prompts you to feel. The exercises work in depth on the body. There are several kinds of yoga, some are more meditative, others very tonic.


A gentle disciple for joints, but also good for the perineum. It is an excellent sport that combines cardio and muscle building. Excellent for burning calories, it also allows you to relax.


Nordic, well supported, or quieter, whatever, walk as you feel. Excellent for the cardiovascular system, walking involves the muscles of the legs of course, but also, the glutes and this disciple has a beneficial effect on the posture … and therefore the back and the abs. That is why it is important to watch your position when walking.Try to walk 30, 45 minutes, or more if the heart tells you, but don’t forget that most people walk too little … and that he wants to walk 15 minutes every day better than not dare to go out because we don’t have time to do an hour.


Just like walking, running is a fairly complete discipline. Some caveats: running can be a bit traumatic for the joints and perineum. It is therefore important to learn to run well if one tends to “attack” the ground with heels, for example. Watch out, the race is jamming the back chain: back of the legs, buttocks, back, etc. So make sure to do a few full stretching sessions outside of your outings.


To practice with friends or family, roller skating is not only a very pleasant sport but also excellent for strengthening legs and abs. It requires coordination of movements and reminds us of our childhood. All good!


With family, in the countryside or even in the gym, cycling is also an excellent means of transportation for city dwellers.It solicits the legs, cardio … but watch your back. It is important to have a well-adjusted bike and to adopt a good posture to avoid various ailments. Just like running on foot, long bike outings will make you feel stiff: don’t forget your stretching and stretching after the exercise.


The Crossfit is very much in vogue, the training in functional circuits too. Their strengths? They combine muscle building and cardio work. They burn as many calories as possible and modify the body, depending on the loads you take and the number of repetitions. The Crossfit pushes you to surpass yourself, to bring out the warrior that lies dormant in you. Super team sport, be careful however that the silhouettes change a lot and it is very likely that you will gain muscle mass … that you will have to maintain regularly. If you don’t want to get this sometimes imposing musculature that some crossfiters have, functional training will also please you. Its main objective is to improve movement, the functioning of the body with a better comfort of living in an active life.

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