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10 Simple Things You Can Do To BOOST Your Health And Happiness

Do you like to boost your health and cheer up? There are many different means and practices that may help you turn your happiness into the route you wish. Some of these quickly work, and some of them need some time. So read on, and you will find ten wonderful tricks and tips that will certainly improve your health and life.

1- Waste your time by yourself in calm for example through meditation/prayer.

2- Accept and experience your feelings.

3- Be grateful for what you own.

4- Enclose yourself with positive, people, smells and sounds.

5- Go Outside for a few minutes a day

6- Live in the present. Don’t think a lot about the past or the future.

7- Note down your thoughts in a diary.

8- Sleep early and get up naturally. Have enough sleep hours your body need.

9- Do what makes you happy first thing.

11- Have 30 to 60 minutes of work out like walking, running, swimming and yoga each day.

12- Smile and laugh.

13- Simplify your life and turn your home into a haven of order.




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