10 beauty tips to extend the summer

10 beauty tips to extend the summer
10 beauty tips to extend the summer

Golden skin, rested features, refined silhouette… Ten beauty tips to end the summer in beauty and face autumn gently.

Beauty tips: a new head you will have

Back to work means change. Back from vacation, run to your “haircuts” to get rid of your dry tips. And since your golden streaks from the beginning of the summer did not withstand the sun-salt-chlorine test and pull green, redo a brighter coloring or a sweep.

Beauty tips: care your hair you will take

A new head, but no way to cut everything! To maintain your mermaid mane, do not skimp on creams that are increasingly performing.

Beauty tips: Princess care you will do

“To pamper” is the slogan of the re-entry. We’re heading to the Spa in the Five Worlds to get an authentic Princess of the Thousand and One Nights treatment. Inspired by traditional Moroccan recipes «Le Rituel du Maghreb» is a complete treatment. Hammam, black soap scrub, Rasul cream wrap, rose petal or orange blossom water rain, hot oil massage and mint tea on a desert music background. A two-hour beauty getaway, relaxing and ultra purifying with the scent of vacation in Marrakech.
165 euros the complete treatment.

Beauty tips: your tan look you will keep

It’s amazing how much prettier you are with a tan. To prolong the tanning, UV cabins are banned from the outset in favour of self-tanning showers. Paris Hilton swears only for the MagicTan.Whether you are a follower of the «toast-attitude» in Majorca or the «it’s when it rains more» in Brittany, you will enjoy its natural and uniform result for a week without the least risk for your skin.

Beauty tips: your body will tone

Back to school is the perfect time to make good resolutions.

Go to the pool. Enjoy the Indian summer to display your golden skin and your naiad body in bikini and “incidentally” make some lengths. Swimming muscles smoothly and makes it possible to make the vacuum.

Walk. The best way to stay active is still walking. Leave the car in the garage, get off one or two metro stations before to finish the way on foot, ban the elevator…

Beauty tips: the breakfast you will not jump

On vacation, you would take your time to have a good breakfast. Back at the office, keep this good habit even if you wake up 15 minutes early. This way you will avoid the 11 o’clock pomp that makes you fall for an enemy candy of your silhouette. If you really are of the style «no time I will take a croissant on the road» opt for smoothies, the new reflex to help the most refractory of the “5 fruits and vegetables a day”. For a gourmet breakfast that will remind you of the beach bar cocktails.

Beauty tips: the creams you spread

You’ve spent the whole summer spreading cream from head to toe, so don’t lose the crease as soon as autumn comes.
Our favorites are:
It’s for baby feet. Acclaimed by podiatrists, ADDAX Hydrafeet cream and its non-greasy urea-enriched formula softens the skin and reduces calluses quickly. 7,05 the 50ml in pharmacy and pharmacy

Before going to bed. Normaderm Night of Vichy is a revolution for oily skin. Thanks to its Infiltrating Technology, the pores are shrunk and the skin grain evens night after night.

Beauty tips: from the «Chick bed» you will read

The «Chick bed» literally literature for chicks is making a hit in France in the last two years! You read it like a magazine and not just at the beach. The tribulations of these funny, modern, trendy, sometimes awkward and often unmarried heroines (doesn’t remind you of anyone?) make us gloat and that’s why we don’t just read it on vacation.
You will find some at Editions Pocket, Le Fleuve Noir, Editions de la Seine…

Beauty tips: a summer fragrance you will embalm

Flower of tiaré, coconut, monoi… remember all those sweet scents that you can only smell at the beach. To keep this holiday smell, we continue to perfume in the summer time.
Our favorites: «L» is a treasure trove of perfume with the scent of bitter oranges, cinnamon, and vanilla. A salty caress that leaves on its way a greedy and irresistible trail like that of our golden skin on the sand, touched by the sun and the waves.

Beauty tips: your feet you won’t forget

Experienced as real torture for millions of fashion victims: the Havaïanas transition – socks – boots stuffed in the early autumn. Don’t panic! The leading trend of the re-entry is the open-ended escarpin. Great, we’ll be able to strut our little brown, French manicured kittens for a few more weeks. Go to the Spa Omnisens in Bercy Village for a “Summer Fresh Escape”. Rocked by the sound of the waves and the song of the seagulls, you will have on the program, scrub, massage, beauty of the feet and French pose with bonus, facial modeling of 30 minutes. Relaxation and relaxation guaranteed. Also, enjoy the hammam and Jacuzzi provided you don’t forget your jersey.

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