10 Anti-fatigue beauty gestures

10 Anti-fatigue beauty gestures
10 Anti-fatigue beauty gestures

Stress, difficult nights, lack of light, cold … Your face accuses the blow by displaying gray mine. Find a radiant complexion with these simple tips to counter fatigue.

It can not be said enough, one of the key factors of a radiant face is hydration. In winter, when it is cold and the complexion is dull, opt for a scrub twice a week followed by a moisturizing mask, preferably for night use, so that the skin takes time to regenerate. When you wake up, stimulate the blood circulation with an energetic facial massage that relaxes the features. Then opt for a skincare ritual adapted to your skin and boost your mine with light makeup.

1. I adopt a night cream
In winter, the lack of light can be read on our face. The complexion becomes greyish and pale.
What to do ? If it is not already the case, go to the night cream. During the night, the body rests and so does the skin, which stress, lack of sleep and pollution put a strain. Opt for a rich cream and apply it by massaging your face for two minutes, just to relax the skin and penetrate the regenerating assets.

2. I stimulate the shine
Say no to the attack of free radicals! Pollution, stress, but also tobacco tarnish the complexion.
What to do ? For a sparkle action by adopting a serum revealing radiance to deeply hydrate the skin and prepare it for makeup. At the same time, opt for a gentle scrub once a week to remove dead cells and regain a luminous complexion.

3. I look after my eye area
First signs of fatigue, dark circles and eyes betray exhaustion.
What to do ? Opt for an eye contour to moisturize and protect this area. Apply gently by gently patting the material. Choose a fresh and smoothing formula to decongest and erase fine lines. Then, apply concealer with a small brush on the ring while stretching the material. Choose your concealer a tone below your natural skin tone or the color of your foundation.

4. I protect myself from UV
In winter, we are all on the lookout for the slightest ray of sunshine to warm up and stimulate our melanin. However, just like in summer, we must be wary of UV, responsible for skin aging.
What to do ? From the first rays of the sun, apply a sun protection, even low index if you live in the city.

5. I choose the right makeup
To look good in all circumstances, cheat with makeup.
What to do ? To brighten your face, choose a foundation that is slightly lighter than your complexion. Then enhance your complexion with some touches of blush or sun powder on the bulging parts of the face (cheekbone, chin, forehead).

6. I do a superficial peel
If you are a smoker and live in a big city, it is likely that your complexion is dull. Especially if you have brown spots or scars.
What to do ? The superficial peel can help you regain a clearer complexion. This exfoliation of the superficial layer of the skin stimulates fibroblasts and collagen production. For this, make an appointment with the dermatologist or a cosmetic doctor who will guide you in choosing the protocol to follow: vitamin A peel, lactic acid or glycolic acid …

7. I opt for some light touches
You are tired and it shows because you are rather pale.
What to do ? Opt for some illuminator keys. Place it on the top of the cheekbones, the brow bone and the bridge of the nose. This small gesture will instantly bring you sparkle.

8. I opt for a shiatsu eye contour massage
Your fatigue is especially evident on your eyes. Dark circles, pockets, fine lines are a morale booster.
What to do ? Opt for a Shiatsu massage. This modeling of the energetic points of the eye contour drains the lymph and flushes the toxins to smooth your wrinkles and fade your dark circles and pockets. Press your finger on the inner corner of the eye, the tail of the eyebrows, then massage your eyebrows.

9. I wake up my face with a red mouth
You have a small mine and look for a quick solution to make illusion the time of a few hours.
What to do ? A nice lipstick can save you money and give you a boost in seconds. By catching your eye on the mouth, your tired marks around your eyes and your grayish complexion will be put aside. Choose a lively tone: cherry, raspberry, plum, garnet …

10. I opt for a healthy lifestyle
To display a plump skin and be in good shape, a healthy lifestyle is essential.
What to do ? Start by hydrating yourself regularly and throughout the day. Avoid foods that are too rich and too greasy to promote slouching. Consume as much vegetables and seasonal fruits as possible.

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